ExEn is a brand new set of tools that allows developers to port their titles from XNA (Xbox New Architecture) to Microsoft WP7 and iOS. Essentially it provides an easy way for software companies to move their console games to mobile platforms.

With companies like Electronic Arts snatching up proficient iOS developers like Firemint to better compete in the mobile arena, a set of tools like this could really be a game changer.

This way, developers can design games in a familiar setting, and then easily move the game to mobile platforms…

The package is only currently available as a public preview, but the final release shouldn’t be too far off. ExEn will work with iOS and Microsoft Phone 7 platforms initially, with Android and Mac OS X support planned for future updates.

While this likely won’t result in popular titles like Halo or Call of Duty coming to the iPhone anytime soon, it will be interesting to see what developers do with this.

To be honest, the iPhone’s touchscreen-only design makes it difficult to imagine playing full-sized console games on such a small device. On the other hand though, this could open up a whole new range of possibilities for iDevice gaming accessories.

What do you think? What Xbox 360 title would you most like to see ported to iOS?


  • Mick

    I don’t even entertain games like Rainbow 6 etc on the iPhone due to the touch screen, they suck to play games like that on but if they brought out a controller running via bluetooth much the same as they do on the snes emulator it would be much better !!

    • William

      Yep, buy an Xbox, problem solved.
      It sucks to play any game on iPhone’s that’s not optimized for touch screen. Sometimes even the official port stinks, for example, Metal Slugs Touch, let alone the unofficial Xbox port.
      I wanna see more games like Infinity Blade.

  • Wan

    Yes i want xbox game in my iphone 4.. Woww

  • Hugh -__-

    If only this realised my dream to play decent fps on a mobile, but alas I doubt that will be the case. I’d love to see a bluetooth gaming controller to become standard across games, then some decent fps could be seen in the future

  • P.ì

    GTA IV 😀

  • Bytenapple

    They could make an airplay tv and create a controller for iOS devices. That way iOS devices would be the console but the game could be Played on the big screen.

    • Mick

      Nice idea but personally it wouldn’t be something i’d use and I can’t imagine i’m alone in thinking this, the reason is that while having a controller is useful because you could play console games portable using a proper controller, playing it on a big screen is less useful as if you were going to do that why wouldn’t you just use a proper console that is far more powerful than any iDevice ??

      I have XBox 360 & PS3 so I would never play ios games on my big screen, just seems pointless but i’m sure some people would.

  • I’d kindof like this to also go the other way around 🙂 Then i can port my Mac OS X games to XBox 360!

  • Dodgerdeezy

    NBA 2k

  • Abdul abaca

    OnLive will bring this to the table with real console gaming and a XBox 360 looking controller.

  • Funked

    As many have said, it would be kinda weird to play big title games on a small iPhone screen. Though it would be awesome to see some xbox games ported to iPad-only versions. That would make me a happy boy :p