AT&T’s upcoming LTE network has certainly been grabbing headlines lately. AT&T claims that their purported 4G network is capable of real world download speeds in upwards of 28 Mbps. In comparison, Verizon’s 4G network averages between 5-12 Mbps.

Thanks to LulzSec, we know that the carrier plans on rolling out their new LTE network in the first week of July. It also appears that another document has been found amongst the hacking group’s stolen archives that helps shine some light on the 4G project…

iFans published an article last night regarding an AT&T document found in LulzSec’s treasure chest of confidential material. The file is titled “PSD_LTE_Tier_v2.3_11.09.docx,” and although it appears to be a bit dated, it does seem to contain 4G pricing information.

What’s interesting to me are the repeated references to speed throttling. It appears that AT&T will lower your LTE speeds based on your data usage. If you hit “suspension level” overages, your LTE speeds could be cut down to 500 kbps, yikes.

It’s important to remember that this document appears to be close to 2 years old. But if it holds true, then AT&T is definitely looking to get aggressive with their 4G tiered data pricing.┬áThe plans offer double the data allowance of what Verizon’s tiered pricing does, for the same cost.

At any rate, with AT&T’s LTE network slated to launch next week, things are about to get real interesting in the wireless industry.

What do you think?

  • Wow. LulzSec hacked a lot of documents.

  • Brandon

    If they limit you to 500kbps… Then what’s the point of 4G? Completely absurd..And no unlimmited plans. I use over 2 Gb of data over 3G. Imagine with 4G?

    I wish there was a sprint iPhone .

    • The point is: you will pay more! lol

    • Igeek1218

      I flashed a iPhone to sprint…

    • urlow

      the point of 4G is to get 5GB with 4G speeds, and subsequent data at slower speeds. You are still getting 4G speeds, just not for ALL your data used in a given month (assuming you go over).

  • nick23

    The overages are retarded. At 5 cents per MB, 2GB of overage fees would be 100$, 4GB of overage fees would be 200$, 10GB of overage fees would be 500$. WTF!

  • Antoinette_ ejia

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