Is it show-er, or shower? I think I’ll stick with shower since that’s more fun to say.

Naming discrepancies aside, BatteryShower is an iPhone jailbreak tweak that is basically an extension of a previous tweak we touched on called ‘ASB‘.

ASB allows you to always show the battery icon on your lock screen, regardless of whether or not you have it connected to a power source.

BatteryShower takes this formula, and remixes it so to speak by also allowing you to never show the battery as well…

Other than that subtle difference, if you’ve used ASB, you know exactly what you’re getting with BatteryShower. The developer even acknowledges that the tweak is inspired by ASB.

BatteryShower is a free jailbreak tweak available for jailbroken iPhones on Cydia.

If you try out BatteryShower, be sure to give us your opinion on the tweak below.

  • STK10

    Would be better if it didnt trick the idevice into thinking its plugged in. There will be a a time when you think your phone is charging but its not and youll get caught out.

  • G

    Is it not pronounced battery show’r ?
    Than shower ?

  • Mick

    I prefer using springtomize for this as it doesn’t always show it as charging just the battery on the lockscreen. What battery theme is that btw Jeff ?? I like the colour of it as apposed to the green.

    • There is no theme, it’s just about to die.

      • Mick

        Ah lol, that will be why then, i’ve never let my phone get so low so I won’t have seen it other than green lol

  • chrisw8094

    Jeff’s phone is almost dead in every video. lol

    • Very true. I’m bad at that. It never completely dies though. I always manage to catch it in time.

      • chrisw8094

        I’m constantly on mine doing everything so I grabbed the Mophie Power Plus. Other wise I would be SOL.

  • Seff

    If you use this tweak with clean status and hide the battery and keep the percentage on along with battery percentage theme in cydia your lock screen would look like this

  • i would actually like the complete opposite, i hate the big battery showing on my lockscreen as i charge, the status bar icon is more than enough as a charging indicator

  • Matt

    Already implemented by Springtomize 😛

  • vik071

    The most useless tweak ever.

  • Gerald

    I love how he the video is filled with him saying the words show/ed/s and he still pronounces it sh-ow-er instead of sh-oh-er.