Last night, the 6-man hacking group known as LulzSec ended their 50 days of chaos with one last act of mischief. The team once again published confidential data recovered from their latest attack. One of the folders in the stolen archives is titled “AT&T.”

In digging through the data, the folks over at iFans have come across some interesting information. The internal AT&T documents reveal that the carrier is planning to roll out their new LTE network in the first week of July, but that’s not all…

The archives also hint at what seems to be an LTE-flavored iPad. In a PowerPoint presentation titled “LTE Status,” a slide happens to mention Apple’s tablet. Why in the world would the iPad be mentioned in an LTE presentation? Take a look:

Pre-LTE scenarios. Testing will include iPad new activations HLS using the new rate plan, as well as a regression on netbooks and dongles. During validation E2E execution should ensure all functionality new and current is still functioning properly by validating account set up, provision, usage and notifications.

As 9to5Mac points out, this note can be interpreted in 1 of 2 ways. Either this document is suggesting that they will start testing the new iPad in November of this year, or the information could be from last year. But why would a 3G iPad be in an LTE PowerPoint?

Apple’s 3rd iteration of their popular tablet line is expected to be a major upgrade, with speculation suggesting everything from a Retina display to LTE capabilities.

While several rumors point to a fall launch of the iPad 3, the above slide begs to differ. If iPad 3 testing starts in November, we could expect to see the new tablet launch in its usual March setting next year.

What do you think? iPad 3 in the fall or next March?

  • MaxMillion

    I think this march because usually apple gives their products more than a year before they the start to sell the next version of it. But I could be wrong and I hope I am.

  • DAS

    I’m still hoping for an “iPad 3D”. Who’s with me?

    • MrA


      • Pat


    • MaxMillion

      Fo sho that would be sweet but a switch on the side to toggle the 3d

    • Fuck 3D

    • Macboy15

      No way. 3d sucks

  • Apple always sticks to same routine unless they are forced not to (iphone 5/4S launch) and realeasing another ipad earlier would mean less ipad 2s to be sold and if i remember correctly the components used in ipad 2 cost more than the ones used in ipad so they need to sell alot more ipad 2s than ipad 1s to cover up the prices
    also i think that its smart to release a new product after xmas as that product would also be bought in masses during the holiday season along with its sales on launch

  • I think the LTE iPad will be in April of next year.

    This could possibly be good news for a possible LTE iPhone this September. Verizon already has LTE in select cities and AT&T is coming in July. I could see Apple trying to be AHEAD of the curve when it comes to 4G. I think it’s better to have the tech inside the iPhone and as soon as the LTE network is ready in your area, you’re good to go.

  • Macboy15

    The next iPhone/iPad will no doubt be 4g.