The last three weeks have been largely spent by developers writing new widgets that work with Apple’s new Notification Center, part of iOS 5. We’ve seen so many widgets come out of the jailbreak community in the last 21 days that we can’t imagine Apple not giving normal App Store developers access to Notification Center‘s widgets, too.

A rare tweak to be shown off that doesn’t involve iOS 5’s Notification Center promises to bring iOS 5-like roll-down notifications to incoming calls, making them appear and work just like other notifications do…

We say ‘just like’ because, well, they don’t look quite as good.

Shown off by iPhoneItalia, the new tweak doesn’t yet have a release date and, in fact, doesn’t even have a name right now. Given the tweak’s apparent early development state we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt on the aesthetics front for now, too.

Incoming calls are handled like other notifications are in iOS 5, with a small window falling down from the top of the iPhone’s screen. Buttons for accepting and declining the call are also present, as is a photo of the caller if they happen to be in your Address Book.

If Google Translate is doing it’s job right though, there is one downside to this tweak, at least in its current early implementation. According to iPhoneItalia, the app has a tendency to freeze any application currently open when a call is received. Not earth-shattering, but certainly something we hope the developers can work around before the tweak is ready for public consumption.

We’ll let you know more information about this as yet un-named Cydia tweak as soon as we get it.

Now, how long before Apple decides to add incoming calls to its spangly new iOS notification system? Not long, we’re guessing.

  • BLiNK

    this looks amazing. cannot wait

  • baseband

    What game is that on the second pic?? Looks cool

    • phosphorus

      “Absolute Instant”

    • William

      Sorry to disappoint you, this game sux. It only has 5 levels, and gives you perhaps 15 mins of fun.

  • As mentioned, the tweak does not have a name yet. Also, the tweak is a collaboration between Elias Limneos (@limneos) and myself, Joshua Tucker (@sh8kespeare). More information to come.

  • Manuel

    It might look like crud, but it sure does give me an option I don’t have. I hate when I’m playing a game, texting, or just something random on my iPhone and I get a call. My music would stop or sound and I know it’s about to pop up. It’s rather annoying personally speaking, so I’ll look forward to this, since Apple does F things up when they make them. Example, Multitasking sucks.

  • Jedoonat

    I think this would be a really useful tweak. But you know that it’s gonna need some options though. Like have it behave as a regular phone call when the phone is sleeping. And also just a vibrate alert for when you are playing music or game. That way its not interrupting the audio unless you want it to. If it does all that I’ve just mention, I’ll definitely be downloading it!

  • Mick

    “iOS 5-like roll-down notifications to incoming calls, making them appear and work just like other notifications do…”

    So is this for ios 5 or any??

  • This looks like a great tweak. I’m sure the developer will fix that bug before release.

  • 8bitpalace

    Got the same question as Mick. All though, it might be too early to tell?

  • It will be iOS 4 – iOS 5 compatible.

    • Mick

      Nice 🙂 .. hopefully will work well with Mobile Notifier

  • nuke77

    So…as things sit now, what happens when you receive an incoming call in iOS5? Does it pop down a banner from the top like the other apps, or does it still stop everything and jump into the middle of the screen like in previous versions of iOS? Is there an option to change the incoming call alert to a banner? Can anyone with the iOS5 beta please confirm this. I’ve been looking online for an answer to this FOREVER, and can’t find it anywhere! Thanks.

  • Well, no one can confirm this because Elias and myself are the only ones that have access to it. More information in this regard will come soon.

  • nuke77

    Yeah, you’re talking about the tweak right? I was just wondering in the official version of iOS5, what happens then? I’ve read all sorts of things about missed call notifications, but I was just wondering if something like this Cydia “tweak” you guys are making is already a function of iOS5 when you are in the middle of a game or something and someone calls. Does this make sense? I’m not sure if I’m expressing myself clearly…sorry.

  • I understand your question. What is being made here is the first of its kind. It has never been done before and the feature is not part of iOS 5. An overlay does come over for notifications on your SpringBoard in iOS 5 but what this tweak will offer is completely new.

  • nuke77

    Oh, okay. Thank you for answering my questions. This is an awesome tweak, keep up the good work.

  • jgr627

    Tweak looks good on paper but it’s a lil useless if u ask me…..ppl r sayin that they can use b/c when there playing games it interupts but so what it’s a phone……if u enjoy playing games and surfin the web so much then just put ur phone on airplane mode n your good

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      That’s a silly way of looking at it. I’d like to be discretely notified when receiving a call. Other phones can do it, why not the iPhone?

    • Sjero

      surfing internet in airplane mode… ok just do it like you do homie

  • SubPrime

    Sounds promising. Hopefully the thieves at apple won’t implement it into ios5 and call it their own.