In reading through my RSS feeds this morning, I came across a jailbreak app that I couldn’t believe hadn’t ever covered on iDB. Though FakeLocation has been around for quite some time, it is a useful utility worth reminding folks about.

The package certainly lives up to its name, as it allows you to fake your GPS location for inquiring applications. This means that you can trick apps like Google Latitude into thinking you are located somewhere else…

FakeLocation allows you to chose where you want apps to think you are, as well as customize a list of which apps are affected. I’m sure by now you’re imaging hundreds of uses for this thing, but let me give you a few examples.

You could use it for apps like Facebook or Twitter, sending updates and tweets from locations that’ll have your friends ripe-green with envy. You could also use it for apps that are location-specific like Groupon or Job Compass.

Users can pick which apps receive the fraudulent location from a list of installed applications. Simply put a checkmark next to the titles you want to receive the fake coordinates.

Folks who haven’t tried FakeLocation yet are encouraged to do so. You can find it just by doing a search for it in Cydia. The utility is a free download but the full version is going to run you 2.79 EUR, which is close to $4.00.

Have you used FakeLocation? If so, what’s the app you use it with the most?

  • Frankie

    thats too much… i will gladly pay .99 for something like this but no $4.00

    • Yup

    • To be honest, I’ve been using it for days now without payment. I’m not sure what you get when you purchase a license, but so far it’s working fine.

  • J-Bird

    Google maps never comes up visible to select an alternate location.
    Wonder if it requires a cell connection. Wont work on wi-fi only.

  • Tom

    Location Spoofer is much better than Fake Location.

    • mplsboywonder

      Agreed. Although I can’t remember exactly why I made the switch a year ago. Location Spoofer works best for me.

      I especially love this tweak for watching professional sports games that would black you out because of your location.

  • Great

    Working like a charm. I never got asked for a license, how would I know? did i download a cracked version or just the utility. Whats the difference? Well, it is working great, tried with couple apps so far.
    Great thing about it is that when you load any app that you assigned a fake location for it, it gives you a very smooth notification on to top of it telling you that and disappears by itself.

  • Andres

    I tried with Pandora and didn’t work :/

  • sergio

    does this work for mlb at bat for those damm blackouts!!!

    • mplsboywonder


  • hmmmmm

    doesnt work with pandora, im asuming they check via your internet connection rather than gps tho.

  • Leon_Live

    I have been using this app about months ago, mostly I use it for Places on Facebook just to mess up with some friends and I really like it.

    I paid for it, I can’t remember why, I think it was to remove the ads, I’m not sure, usually that’s the only reason, I prefer to purchase than having a free app with ads.

    Also I used to have location spoofer but for some reason I decided to stay with location fake and purchase it. 

  • Leon

    I don’t think anyone has given a solid reason why they stuck with this over spoofer. Spoofers cheaper and so far seems that it offers same functions, only notifications appear to differ.

  • Demar Dean

    I agree lol. I ain’t paying for this app

  • April Claridge-Elstob

    Can u use from a laptop?