Apple’s implementation of multitasking in iOS 4 is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Not necessarily in presentation, but in functionality. iOS’ ability to maintain a high level of performance with dozens of apps open easily outperforms the competition.

The problem is, since you are able to have so many apps running without noticeable effects, sifting through your multitask bar can become a bit tedious. If you’ve been looking for an alternative way to browse your list of running applications, well, let me introduce you to RunningList… 

RunningList is a simple jailbreak tweak that lists all of your running applications in the Spotlight screen of iOS. The list is interactive, so tapping on an icon will launch you into its respective application.

The idea behind RunningList is awesome, especially since you can set an action in Activator to bring up your Spotlight screen. But there are a few downfalls that keep the utility from reaching its potential, at least with this version.

First off, as the list of apps gets longer, the Spotlight screen definitely starts to stutter. On top of the lag, there were several occasions that I noticed a running app icon disappear, without me closing it. And I’m sure I didn’t close it because there isn’t a way to close apps in RunningList, yikes.

Without a way to close down running applications, I can’t use this in place of  the multitasking bar, which was the whole point. Imagine being able to fluidly scroll through a list of your running applications, and then being able to close each app, with a single tap. Now we’re talking.

As much as I wanted to like this utility, it just couldn’t keep up with me. But hopefully the developer will fix some of the issues in the next update. If you want to check RunningList out for yourself, it’s available for free in Cydia.

Have you tried RunningList yet? What’s your favorite multitasking tweak?

  • Could you do a post on different types of multitasking JB tweaks out there? I would really like to see some that show the name of app and instead of its icon it shows whats happening in app

  • Pieter.steenssens

    It’s normal that you could see apps dissapear. After 15 minutes, apps aren’t ‘running’ anymore, in sense of ‘doing background tasks’ but are only in a saved state (: (afaik)

  • Jorge

    Hey guys, the best multitask tweak I know is Multiflow, is very impressive and professional, and if you want to close all your apps running on the background, just download the Remove backgrownd subsettings toggle, it´s amazing!!

  • Massie

    As Pieter said, it seems normal that they would disappear. But yeah, no way to close apps=just adding an extra step…easier to just use the multitasking bar.

  • Jorge

    I´m pissing off, haven´t you read my message, Best than thant crappy multitasking bar, MULTIFLOW has no competiton!!!

    • XepptizZ

      Mflow = max of nine apps, furthermore it’s not organized by first to last. It’s pretty, but far from flawless.

  • Jocofee

    ios auomatically turns off apps that are using too much memory. That’s one of the ways it avoids lag.

  • Jocofee

    thats probably why the apps sometimes dissappear.

  • DomPerignon

    Up to now; no other app can match the awesomess of Multfl0w.

  • Everything that’s in the multitasking bar should be on the great huge empty space on my iPad. Type something into the search field and results replace the field of icons, which should be there.

  • Joe

    Is there a tweak in Cydia that will kill and clear all apps from multitasking when you exit them? Be nice if it has an exceptions list and needs to work on 4.2.1.

    I already have switcher plus but still I hate always having to manually go in there and clean up the multitasker

    • DomPerignon

      Get Multifl0w.

      • DomPerignon

        Get Multifl0w along with RemoveBG and you’ll have what you want.

  • I use MultiFl0w too. I’m surprised Apple didn’t rip it off too.

  • Alex

    Me too, everyone I show MultiFl0w to tells me that it’s just like a feature on Apple laptops. I just hope that Apple will actually give the jailbreak community some credit next time.

  • Yeah multitasking which is similar to switching between web pages is pretty cool
    something similar to multitasking on the playbook would be even better

  • XepptizZ

    Like I said, multifl0w shows a max of nine apps and they don’t stay in line when closing an app, but it’s fast and responsive though.

    And this tweak just got an update, now it can close apps. I like the tweak a lot. I’m using it with wraparound to easily reach it and keeping the appswitcher for use with mobilenotifier.

  • Esh

    Yep, After apple had implemented the multi threading this is a must.
    I expect Apple to do some built in threads controlling…