Have you ever wondered how much money people spend on their iPhones? The folks at Geekaphone have prepared an infographic called “Pimp Your iPhone,” and now you can see figures on how much cash people drop on their precious handsets.

A staggering $497 million was spent on iPhone accessories in the last 9 months alone. The average price of a paid app is $1.25.

Check out the full infographic after the break…

How do you pimp out your iPhone?

[The Loop]

  • Logan

    With a $2 case off of eBay

    • Jason Masters

      I have a case made out of one of a kind original pterodactyl skin costed 100,000 $ but well worth it.

      • Niiice, i decided to keep it real and managed to get a case made of rabbit fur
        saving up to get one made of squirrel fur but it maybe too expensive so if anyone has any links to cheap squirrel fur cases please lemme know

      • Wirehedd

        I’m originally from Newfoundland so I just went with baby seal leather. 🙂

  • Pieter.steenssens

    With a free case thanks to this antennagate hysteria and lots and lots of apps. I think I dropped €100 on app store apps and another €100 on Jailbreak Apps

  • WOW! Thats a lot of money

  • Monster86a

    Invisible shield (but i might change to another company that does the same thing for the same price but it stays on better and isntas sticky)

  • Op

    I bought one made from the back of an extraterrestrial. Cost me nothing except all the security measures I took to keep the government out.

    • Wirehedd

      Did it come with a complimentary anal probe?

      • Op

        No. Would have been extra.

  • Gato

    Pure iphone. No accesories.
    Install0us pimp it.

  • Brandon

    I just wrap mine in one of Steve Jobs old shirts. Works great plus I never have to charge it for some reason…

  • William

    Got a case for 99¢on ebay