Lulz Security, commonly referred to as LulzSec, has been causing all sorts of chaos around the web for the past few months. The team of hackers is responsible for a number of recent attacks, including posting a fake news story on and knocking the CIA’s website offline.

Though their recent attacks have been fairly harmless, their most recent break-in has made a lot of folks nervous. Last Thursday, LulzSec published more than 700 confidential documents stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The 440MB of data included emails, handbooks, images and other sensitive files, some of which revealed the identities of Arizona Law Enforcement. In sifting through the data, Techland uncovered a form particularly interesting to iDB entitled “iPhone apps- used against officers.doc

The document lists several smartphone applications that Arizona police officers should be aware of. Though many of you will have heard of most of if not all of the applications mentioned, we still thought it was interesting to see what apps the Arizona Law Enforcement deemed dangerous.

Cop Recorder: A voice recorder that can be activated while in a pocket to record conversations with arresting officers.

Trapster: An application that warns users of police radar locations and speed traps based on crowdsourced data.

Caller ID Faker: A jailbreak app for the iPhone that allows users to push a fake number to caller IDs when making outbound calls.

Digital Scale: turns an iPhone into a digital scale that weighs in grams and ounces.

According to the leaked data, officers are advised to check arrestee’s cell phones to see what kind of applications are installed. They are also cautioned to place iPhones in faraday bags or similar containers to shield them from services like Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe.

If you ask me, the list of apps is rather flimsy. What good would it do an arresting officer to find Trapster on a cell phone? Obviously Digital Scale and Caller ID Faker both make sense because they could possibly be used as evidence.

Thoughts? Do you use an app that you think is worthy of the list?

  • MALdito

    Their just pissed bcuz we can use our tech to out maneuver and out smart them. I personally dont even have any of those apps, but as a victim of police abuse and brutality, I should have some of them just in case.

  • “They are also cautioned to place iPhones in faraday bags or similar containers to shield them from services like Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe.”
    Why not just disable the Wifi and 3g?

    • Fojam

      Because it may be locked with a passcode, which the suspect is not obliged to tell the officer

      • dfgbhfdv

        and then he could tell the wrong one, and get it it into connect to iTunes mode.

  • @Rounak That would probably be seen as tampering with the evidence.

  • Derp

    They could also just turn it off.

  • KiraXD

    are cops allowed to take your phone for pulling you over in an alleged speeding stop? this sounds like it breaks a few laws and rights… if a cop pulls me over wrongly… imma record his ass… they are allowed to record us (in dash cameras) without our permission… so i dont see the wrong?

  • Goofygreek

    In nc, if one member of the party knows the conversation is being recorded, then it’s perfectly legal. Cops record us, so we record them. But the faraday bag thing kinda pissed me off. Not all cops are honest, they do that and your phone could be gone forever. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong. What if that phone is stolen, they put it in that bag and it’s gone. That’s another thing they could put on the thief if they don’t realize it’s stolen.

  • dfgbhfdv

    No one needs to worry about this. If you have any of those apps, you won’t get caught. That’s the point of them. And also, you could carry a very useless cell phone pretending it’s your main phone when you actually have a separate phone doing the crime. Or get an iPad or iPod Touch.

  • leon_live

    SBSettings with Poof! and the combination of Locktopus, what is the worry about?, LOL

  • Well this is really nothing but a “don’t let them take away our power” warning to their officers. In my opinion, each one of these apps should go unnoticed, and if not, supported. What happened to being in the land of the free?

    • leon_live

      land of the free??… dude where have you been?!?!… If you recently woke up from a comma then I strongly suggest you to google: immigrants, gay marriage, racism, and police corruption and brutality (which is becoming a competition for them, lol)

  • GIVE ME AN F’N BREAK! Why do I get the feeling that LulzSec is just a CIA front, some of Hillary “Lucifer” Clinton’s “techno-experts?” I’d like to think that, if LS was legitimately an independent hacking group, they would have: 1) Uncovered far juicier information by now and 2) Been taken down by the FBI and/or the CIA already. Same with Wikileaks. LS and Wikileaks strike me as likely being false-flag CIA assets trying to stir up fear among Internet users, to give Congress an excuse to pass “anti-cyber terrorism” laws that will lead to censorship of alternative news sources.

  • Kai

    AHAHAHAH, money on Thunderwig being the typical “we’re american, no one is smarter than us” reality check, 1. maybe there wasn’t any ‘juicier’ information, 2. just because they haven’t been caught doesn’t mean that that they are in league with the American government (of which this logic would say that Osama Bin Laden also worked for the CIA until he was caught….so that they could pass legislation like the PATRIOT act etc, see main conspiracy theory) maybe these guys are just smarter….or did that thought not pass your mind….

    • Kai

      But just in reply to my own comment, I don’t want to start a flame war here, I have American friends (none of which are arrogant), just some I’ve met have had this attitude…..and there are certainly some things Americans do better, technology etc, so please don’t shoot me :p

  • Mrbig2000

    I’m really shocked, I just read about “tempering with evidence”, because I couldn’t believe that the SUSPECT is able to commit this fellony. I’m from Europe, and I can’t speak for every european country for sure but with us it is NOT possible to face a penalty for trying to prevent your own conviction. For example, you can destroy your iphone in front of officers if it contains evidence, you can swallow evidence and you can lie to them. There is also no law against breaking form a prison. Of course in most times you do other crimes when breaking out of a prison but if you just jumped from a window and ran away this is not a crime.
    I do not understand why they can punished you for trying to keep yourself from beeing arrested/convicted, this is just crazy!
    When you try or succeed to prevent another person from beeing convicted, e.g. destroying evidence, you of course commit a crime. But you won’t be convicted if the other person is a affilated / family member. Thats because it is human nature to try to prevent family members and of course yourself from beeing convicted!

    Think about it…