When you put your iPhone on silent, there are certain notifications that can go unnoticed if your iPhone is in your pocket or purse. Sure, your iPhone will vibrate for missed calls and messages, but that’s about the extent of the option.

As part of the ongoing TweakWeek daily challenge, jailbreak developer Dan Zimmerman has released a utility to remedy this problem. VibLert enables the vibrating notification option for all applications…

This tweak is about as simple as it gets. There’s no home screen icon or settings to mess with. Simply download VibLert to start receiving a vibrating notification every time you get a uialertview (notification).

This is yet another fine by-product of the TweakWeak initiative, started by Ryan Petrich earlier this month. VibLert is a simple, functional utility and is available for free in Cydia.

Have you tried VibLert?

  • Joe

    I’m pretty sure all alerts already do this as long as you have the sound notifications for it enabled. Then when you put the phone on silent instead of making a noise it will vibrate.

  • Massie

    Tried it but it doesn’t seem to work with lockinfo when you block popups. Would love to have that instead of needing to turn on my phone to check my statusbar.