One of the most beneficial features of the new iOS 5 is the ability to restore directly from iCloud backup via Wi-Fi.

Upgrading from iOS 5 beta 1 to iOS 5 beta 2 was a painless process thanks to the amazing restoral from iCloud backup. It literally only took a few taps before all of my settings and apps were restored like they were prior to upgrade.

The restoral is so thorough that it’ll even pick up any website you were previously visiting! Check out the full video walkthrough of the iCloud restoral process inside…

When you go through the device’s initial setup process, you’ll be prompted right there on the spot to restore from iCloud backup.

It works very much in the same way as a normal iTunes restore would, except of course there’s no cable’s involved.

What do you think about Apple’s new PC Free strategy? Will you be taking advantage of iCloud’s many benefits?

  • Shawn

    Hmm…. Most of my iPhone backups are 5GB. So I see this as being a problem.

    • Acrlos

      Yes but they are delta updates so non of the 5Gb data will be downloaded, only the data you are missing like music, settings, not the entire OS 🙂

  • AMB

    Freakin’ awesome
    I still prefer doing it on the PC since they’d be a lot to download back in my case XD

  • Martin

    I’m just doing iCloud restore, because iTunes beta2 couldn’t recognize backup from iTunes beta1 🙁 I have about 20 GB of apps…. That will take a while 🙁

  • FelschR

    hm… on my iPod it doesn´t load the apps only the data.
    but I entered my new adress I´ll try now my normal @gmail apple id.

  • FelschR

    Yes, now it´s working

  • Someone

    Ok so I k now when you’re downloading or uploading many apps that take a long time your Apple ID times out after a while. I have over 250 apps, so would I have to constantly be reentering my Apple ID? Thanks

  • Phosphorus

    I thought my iPod 4g was slow because of my few addons but yours isnt even jailbroken an lags. I know it’s a beta but come on, it’s just as laggy as my jailbroken device.

  • Martin

    OK guys, I think I need some help… I’m restoring form iCloud and I had some illegal mp3 music in my iphone and now, when my phone is like on the half way of restoring, it keeps asking me for password of fake account, probabůy used in those mp3 id “”. And because of that, I can’t finish the restore. Any suggestions?
    Everyone, who is planning to upgrade from iOS 5 beta1 to beta2 and having some illegal mp3 in their iphone, I reccomend to delete all of them and than do the backup and upgrade…

  • Martin

    Maybe I found the way how to restore my iPhone after upgrading… I turned off my icloud in the iphone, so when I sync-it with itunes now, it will do the backup, of backup I downloaded from iclound 🙂 and then I’ll just restore the iphone from the computer, not from the icloud 😀 Hope it will work, cos I would loose progress in my games 🙁

  • Dick Fontaine

    I have no Wi-Fi option under the Summary tab for iTunes Beta 2…apparently this is not supported on IiTunes for Windows?

  • Justin

    Wouldn’t this feature be useless to jailbreakers because restoring from a jailbroken backup will cause problems so we still have to connect to iTunes and manually sync back our content.

  • martin

    My question is different, does iTunes still create backup of the application which is turned off from icloud?

  • Listen2Me

    After seeing this video, I was inspired to see how quickly I can pull down my backup from the iCloud. It’s been running about 10 minutes and it tells me there is 32 hours to go (yeah, hours). Hope I don’t need to call anyone for the next day and a half.

    Let’s hope Apple get on top that one.

  • Steve

    I really like iCloud, however I have found a fatal (well at least for me) flaw. I have a lot of apps on my iPhone, at the moment, 167. Like most people, I organize my apps into folders. However, my iCloud backup doesn’t seem to transfer that to my device. It just transfers the apps. I hope Apple could fix this!

  • Jonnikuest

    So my question is can you initiate an iCloud restore without a computer. As in, can I have my device on beta 5 or 6 and after I feel that it’s not performing correctly or I just want to restore it, do I need a computer? What I really want to do is backup to the iCloud, update to beta6, setup as new phone. Jailbreak w redsn0w, install appsync 4.0+ reboot, then restore from my latest iCloud backup when I sign into iCloud.

  • Rach81

    I was in the process of moving all of my documents and music from an old nearly dead PC running XP, to a new one running Windows 7. I have successfully transferred my iTunes library, but there seemed to be no way to easily transfer the backup of my iPhone. Will I now be able to achieve this via icloud?

  • JB

    It would be nice if the video would play on the iPhone. I mean, this post is about iPhones after all. Just saying…

    (YouTube videos play great on the iPhone btw.)

  • Bola

    what if the phone is not new, how can I do a restore from a backup file on iCloud the same way I can decide to restore from any backup file stored on my system via iTunes when I right click on the device in iTunes?

    • Ken

      I also need to know the answer to this.

      • Peter

        I also need to know – I can’t find a video or article showing how to get access to the backup – i.e. do you need to do a factory reset or what?

      • Doug

        Yes this is what I need too. Who couldn’t go through an on screen tutorial?!

    • Vinz

      Simple way of answering your question is you have to erase and wipe iPhone data first, then it will start all over to the Setup Assistant.

      Info from:

      “To check if the restore is complete, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Complete the setup assistant after erasing your device (by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) or after starting your new device. When prompted to set up as new or to restore from previous backup, choose to restore from iCloud backup. Then enter your AppleID and password.”

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I finally figured out how to restore my iTouch! 🙂

  • JP

    You are an ASS…you jumped the most important part, how to request the restore , how to start it…you start recording when you have already done this..Jeff you are just plain stupid.

  • Doug

    Umm how do I restore from now a new phone? This is a lame page.