The iPhone receives its fair share of rumors on a daily basis. It can be difficult to make sense of all the conflicting reports and claims that fly around the internet, so sometimes we need a way to get a 10,000 foot view of all the stories out there.

Thanks to Infographic Labs, you can now see most of the rumored features for Apple’s iPhone 5 in one place. This graphic gives a percentage of likelihood for each feature, and it adds a sense of renaissance style.

Is it all starting to come together now?


  • Cameron


  • BLiNK

    can we add to the drama with a “white” iP5?

  • sergio

    all i want is the ios5 to come out and also lets start the iphone 6 rumors because their not too far off..

  • Joe

    50% chance of double the hard drive space. 50% of no hard drive.

    I’d say they got that pegged.

    • Kelvin

      LOL. 🙂

  • Eddie

    Sounds pretty exciting. Only time will tell

  • Snowy

    It’s AWESOME! I like this ” actual size ” design. I measured it with a ruler on my screen. Indeed, 4 inches screen. I hold up my iPod 4th generation on screen to see what it will looks like…. expanding it. See for yourself. Can’t wait!!!!

  • Nick

    I really hope that apple will allow expandable memory…. I don’t really care if they bring out their own unique memory cards…. The reason I hope that will happen so I can buy the smaller memory iphone and add as much extra memory as I want.

    • JV

      That is not going to happen and you basically answered yourself why. Who would buy an $800 iPhone 64GB if they could buy a $300 iPhone 8GB and $50 64GB memory card? No one would. Why’d Apple make such a decision? Of course it would be nice, but unfortunately it’s impossible. Unless Apple starts manufacturing iPhones without internal storage, which was hinted above.

      • Nick

        Yeahh I know what you mean but someone should make an accessory that goes into the dock connector that is like a USB flash drive except it plug in to the iphone dock connector…… If apple has to approve all accessory’s then they wouldn’t do that either :/

  • thefallen83

    Can we add the people that will be whining and bitc*ing at my AT&T store because they upgraded 32 days before the launch date? 🙂