Apple has just released the second beta for iOS 5. Beta 2 is now available for download in Apple’s developer channel.

iOS 5 Beta is a 740MB download and available for all Apple devices from the 3rd gen iPod touch and up.

You must have iTunes beta 10.5 in order to sync with iOS 5 beta 2. It can be assumed that the iOS 5 Beta 1 jailbreak is now broken in Beta 2 , so be cautious when deciding to upgrade. Otherwise, head over to the iOS Dev Center and get downloading!

UPDATE: iOS 5 Beta 2 can actually be jailbroken with RedSn0w! Cheers, jailbreakers!

  • Finally!

  • Phosphorus

    What are the changes?

    • dfgbhfdv

      Go to they have a list of changes

  • Please keep us posted if they’ve added any extra features. I doubt beta 2 will just be random bug fixes?

  • Jigga

    In iOS 5.0 beta 2, wireless syncing is now available for the Mac

  • ralph

    Is anyone else seeing the supposid “animated boot logo” thats been listed on certain sites in the changelog? I sure as hell don’t see it..

  • 840 Mb not 740 for Verizon iPhone.

  • Sam

    Give a try to registermybeta 😉
    They just activated my iPhone, i’m now running the beta 2 😀
    Thank you for the post, have a nice weekend

  • Hi