The popular iPhone photography app, Camera+, recently had its one year App Store anniversary. The folks at tap tap tap are no strangers to success in the App Store, and the development company is known for its smart marketing tactics and quality applications.

The developers of Camera+ have released an infographic detailing the success of their app, including an accumulative $2.7 million in revenue. The infographic shows what types of photos people are sharing the most with Camera+ as well. The winners include dinner, beer and cats…

I’ve been a Camera+ fan since day one, and I still consider it the best native Camera app replacement in the App Store. Kudos to the team at tap tap tap for their amazing success.

Camera+ is available for a limited, celebratory sale of $0.99 in the App Store. Deal ends Sunday.

  • Scott

    I haven’t really bothered to use Camera+ much, after reading this I’m going to try to use it more often.

  • Joe

    I have it on my phone but don’t use it much. It’s too slow and I never noticed an improved quality in the pictures.

  • Jimi3

    I’ve had it for awhile but still use the native camera. Just think photos look better with it. Prolly all in my head though.

  • Gutentag

    Camera+ is great. It allows me to take such clear pictures of the tile work I do for my business

  • MILE

    I think a large part of the app’s success can be attributed to Lisa Bettany being such a hottie…! 😉