It’s no secret that Twitter has become incredibly successful as a social network and publication tool. A large part of the site’s success is thanks to the mobile implementation we’ve seen in an array of third party clients over the years.

Particularly, on the iPhone, Twitter apps are a dime a dozen. You’ve got the official client, TweetDeck, Echofon, Tweetbot, etc. all clamoring for attention in the App Store.

The folks at Onavo Insights have put together a nice infographic detailing Twitter’s statistics on the iPhone. Check it out after the break…

Over half of all users prefer the official Twitter for iPhone app, with TweetDeck coming in second. Surprisingly, the official client also uses the most data by a long shot, so be wary of that if you’re on a limited data plan.

What do you think of these numbers? Did you expect Tweetbot to be so high on the list already? That app has only been out for a few months.


  • SoCoMagNuM

    I like using tweetdeck. Only downside is it doesn’t support twitlonger…where twitterlator comes in I juggle between the 2.

    • oo7plasma

      lol, it has better. built in which is essentially the same thing as twitlonger lol

    • I tried them all and prefer Twittelator Pro. it also supports notification anf has all the functions found on different clients. Only missing scheduled tweets I think.

  • Idea

    I only used twitbird pro. So, I really like that

  • Hiral

    Tweetbot or Twitterrific. Nothing matters. Only these apps shows you other replies/ conversation. But if you want push notification then you have to go with the basic twitter app (garbage).

    • MILE

      Yeah, but you don’t really have to use it though…! I have the original Twitter app installed on both my iPhone and iPad so that I get the notifications — but I actually use Twitterrific on both devices to access Twitter, tweet, reply and do everything else…

  • rileyfreeman

    I disagree with the wording that over half prefer the official app. I think those people just dont know of other apps. I have friends who have got iphones and had no clue which apps to try. a lot of people dont want to downlaod 20 different apps. I remember, I was jailbreaking my friends iphone that she only had for a week and she said she didnt want anymore she was happy with twitter for iphone. I put twittelator on her phone and she loves it and wont go back. I have a blackberry and an iphone 4. I love twittelator and bought the premium version. I havent tried tweetdeck or echofon. I think tweetbot is nice but lacks a lot of features, especially compared to twittelator.

    BUTTTTTTTTTT ubertwitter for blackberry or ubersocial as they are now called is by far the best twitter client. I dont get how they cant match the quality on the iphone, which by far, is a superior platform.

    • Rudy Chidiac

      well no, the official app is the most used, I myself used many other apps, but i only liked the official ones, the others are all shits
      the original was called “tweetie” BTW

  • I prefer Twittelator Pro over anything else. Tried them all but all THE features Twittelator has, makes it for me the only client I use today.

  • FrankyD

    Twittelator Pro, 100%! Just try it, you won’t go back to whatever else you were using. Especially useful to manage multiple accounts.