Using a Bumper is so 2010! If you want to really protect your iPhone – and if you have an extra $300 to spare – this new titanium iPhone case might be perfect for you.

“Machined from a single piece of titanium, the premium case provides immense strength and a sleek, handcrafted look. Titanium, most often used in aircraft engines and luxury automobiles, adds high-power durability. A laser etched logo detailing completes the modern style.” 

The iPhone 4 Titanium Premium Case will be available from Case Mate’s website as of next Monday, for $300.

Anyone interested?

  • Timohty/klouud

    …and its pretty hot as well!

    • Nice but for $300 will it keep the screen from creacking??? Nope I don’t think so

      • William

        even if your phone screen is cracked, go to Apple store and let ’em do the repair for you doesn’t cost $300, not to mention there’re other cheaper options out there.

      • Binary-Stalker

        Yes, it will. The case extends slightly above the screen, protecting it.

  • Ken

    I like the case, but I don’t like the price.

  • Ai

    It is too expensive for what it does. The parts of the iPhone 4 that needs protection the most are the the screens, not the metal frame.

  • av4tar

    haven’t they just taken what elemental case have done and expanded into the realms of “mines more expensive so its better” my elemental vapour case is a good price and tough as well as good looking! its nothing new in respect to cases!

  • Jae

    I’m waiting on a lifeproof case
    For 70.00 that’s waterproof,dustproof,iceproof and shockproof a 300 dollar titanium case that’s only use is for droping sounds pretty stupid

    • Michael

      yeah and how big is that lifeproof case my friend. Alot of people don’t like the bulky cases except maybe the ones that are welders and working off shore or something. The iphone was made thin and we shouldnt have to sacrifice the size of it for that much protection.

      • XepptizZ

        Iirc, the lifeproof case only adds 1,4 mm on each side,

  • Cobber

    I’ll buy another iPhone when I break it before buying this case

  • Mac

    this guy pays sebastien to push his merchandise on us ,$300 I will buy used car
    for that much!!! common sebas.

    • Ridiculous.

      • Mac

        just kidding Sebas!!!!

  • Mac

    Thank you Sebas for all the good work
    you done for giving us the good news all
    the time.

    • MrA

      iDB is the number one (imo) site for all news iOS big or small (or in this case, pun intended, ridiculous).

  • @pololinguistic

    I like the idea of a high quality, premium case that doesn’t take away from the design of the iPhone.

    I really should get a case, but I can’t deal with the added bulkiness nor the silly colors. I wish I could just bathe my iPhone in a super “silicone-like” solution and Poof!! Like Bruce Willis – Unbreakable.

    Back to my point. The money spend I developing and producing this case makes me wonder if there is in fact a new form factor in the horizon or is the company banking on the millions of users world-wide with the iPhone 4? A decice that will most likely challenge currency in regards to longetovity and circulation.

    I have already passed down a 1st Gen iPhone (2007) to my 10 year old cousin, a 3G to my grandmother and my mother is just getting the hang of my old 3GS.

    Titanium case? No thanks.


    • @pololinguistic

      Spel cheak iz four idiotz.


  • Dick Fontaine

    If you’re going to try and peddle a $300 phone case you should at least clean the fingerprints off the phone that’s it’s in

  • MrA

    Or instead, take that $300 and buy another iPhone off craigslist.

    Sebastien my friend, this is a joke, right? $300?!? These people are out of their minds, literally and figuratively. Dude in the video didn’t seem to impressed with the overpriced case, “uuuhhh it’s titanium what else is there to say…” I wouldn’t buy a dime for a nickel from him.

  • MrA

    Hello all iDB readers I’ve got a special treat for you. I have a yellow, number 2, pink eraser pencil I’m selling for a kabillion gazillion dollars. Order info will be available next week.

  • This is crazy! I mean cmon, nobody is that stupid or crazy… Its not as if they wanna protect something that badly which they traded their virginity for…

  • Why can’t you pay your rent? Well I just had to have this iPhone Case!

  • This guy seems like a douche. And wouldnt this mess with the phones antenna?

  • XepptizZ

    He called the outside rim of the iphone aluminium, it’s in fact stainless steel.

  • Raz

    Who the hell would fork out $300 for one of these cases?
    You can buy these vapour cases off eBay for $40-50 and they’re exactly the same.

  • Raz

    Oh, and no one would wanna carry a rock in their pocket 😉

  • Spelz

    titanium is also an investment metal. so it’ll always be worth the $300 and likely more over time. its like buying gold or silver jewellery. you can wear it or keep it packed away. either way, its money banked.

  • Cameron

    Sorry but it’s ugly…

  • Jimi3

    Love the case…hate the hair.

  • GREAT idea. XD The only part it protects is the sides, not the screen as Ai says above. Cool gimmick to show off, but I wouldn’t pay 30¢ for it, much less $300. I’ll stick to my more functional and practical Otterbox Defender, which protects the ENTIRE iPhone.