This is one of those stories that makes you scratch your head. How does a stolen iPhone end up finally phoning home after moving almost 8,000 miles away from its owner?

In a testament to Apple’s genius Find My iPhone service, Cabel Sasser uncovered his stolen iPhone two weeks after it was stolen and transported 7,830 miles away. That’s some good detective work.

After Cabel’s iPhone was snatched in San Francisco and didn’t turn up on Find My iPhone, Cabel thought he had lost his iPhone forever. To his surprise, his iPhone phoned home two weeks later. The only problem is that the ping was sent from Vietnam.

Check the photos below for details, as well as Cabel’s hilarious reaction.

What would you do if your iPhone got stolen and turned up on the other side of the world?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Mripod64

    Lol say “screw it”

  • Topsy

    Life goes on dude. Here in Uk, for £5:00, you get mobile insurance from your bank. So I won’t even find my phone. I will call my insurance simple.

    • 877

      I also pay 5 ‘o’clock pounds

      • Coop


  • I think it’s time Apple add a ‘self destruct’ option to my find my iPhone. Some times tracking it and wiping it clean aren’t enough

    • Chinster


    • Could be used as an awesome hi-tech grenade… One minute u are playin angry birds and the next you kill a baddy

  • Phaka Phan

    “as well as Cabel’s hilarious reaction”

    Hmm…phake and not phunny. Calling your own comedic attempt hilarious is a bad idea. I thought about chuckling after seeing it and then realized I had better things to do.

    • Massie

      Actually, if you follow the link, you’ll see that’s what he posted on his Twitter feed.

  • Phosphorus

    Retrieving that iPhone will cost more than it’s worth.

  • Tsunami

    I will go get it and slap the **** out of whoever has my phone. It’s about principle lol na **** that you could buy 100 iPhones with the trip money and go to Vegas instead

  • DingleHopper

    Gee with the find my iphone service… if he chose not to wipe it he could send it random messages and locks……. That might be funny for a few minutes…..

  • Bullet

    Time to play nuke the G**k!

    Just kidding!

    • You’re not funny

      Shut the fuck up

      • Bullet

        No sense of humor, eh slope?

  • c0edx

    Call the US Embassy and ask them to go get it ; )

  • c0edx

    I have Find My iPhone installed but what if some steals my phone evan if its locked with a password, all they have to do is restore it. Is their a way to place a password on DFU or Recovery Mode so no one can bypass that?

    • Cameron

      No if an iPhone with a password has never been used on a computer then iTunes asks for it.

  • Any

    Maxx – I like your suggestion that Apple add the “self-destruct” feature to the Find My iPhone – that way you can get the final laugh by turning it in to a brick!!!

  • Jcheong

    Btw when you click lock the phone by the find my iPhone. You can’t restore the phone and even if u dfu mode and restore you still can’t boot it since as soon as you try to activate it via the iTunes it locks again.

    • Mick

      How will this work with ios 5 i wonder seeing as no computer is needed to activate.

    • October

      Wait, what was that?? How do u set that up??

  • Potamus

    Call Chuck Norris. He’ll get you back your MIA phone…

    • AMB

      You don’t call Chuck Norris, Chuk Norris calls YOU and tells YOU to go get YOUR phone for HIM.

  • That is the last time you will see that Vietnamese hooker. She robbed you blind and you thought 20 bucks for her services was cheap

  • Steve

    @Buba Smith, looks like you are the pimp representing her. You obviously have all the details.

  • Junior

    Looks like the girl selling her virginity for an iPhone finally got what she wanted. Hahaha

  • Johnnie

    Give out your username password to someone on the ground there. Offer reward

  • Dubai_Lover

    I use my Find my iPhone to track and spy on my girlfriend and cousin. they both were freaking out everytime i tell them their location. Since i knew their iTunes password, i installed the app done the settings and remove the app.