Have you ever noticed on a BlackBerry that when there is a missed call or text, a tiny LED flashes to alert the user? That’s certainly one feature I wish Apple would implement in future smartphone designs, as a missed call can go unnoticed for hours on the iPhone if it’s not in use.

Apple halfway makes up for the missing feature in iOS 5 with the addition of LED Flash Alerts. The new option triggers the iPhone 4’s camera flash to alert users of missed calls or text messages. For folks that can’t wait until the fall to take advantage of the Flash Alert feature, here’s MissedReminder

The jailbreak tweak offers a similar function by activating your iPhone 4’s camera flash to notify you of missed calls. The flash occurs in sequence with customizable push notifications. You can choose the amount of times you’re sent a reminder of a missed call, as well as the interval of minutes at which you’re reminded.

As is typical of most utilities, there isn’t any kind of icon placed on your home screen for MissedReminder. Once the tweak is downloaded, just pop into your Settings app to find the aforementioned options.

I like the idea of flash alerts, but I wish that it did the same for text messages. But even with its limited functionality, I’m sure this utility would be useful to someone who anticipates important phone calls on a regular basis. MissedReminder is available in Cydia for $0.99.

Have you tried MissedReminder yet? Do you use a similar utility?

  • Fojam

    Wastes the battery

  • Pete

    Why oh why didn’t they put an indication LED on the front – or even better, the sides, like Nokia 6300… I don’t want to have to put my iP on the screen.

    • Tuan Anh

      It will, in iPhone 5

  • Troll

    It’s funny how it’s specifically mentioned on a BB πŸ˜›

    The feature was there in the very oldest Nokia’s even πŸ˜›

  • ngaydo

    Thank you to Yeahwangy (Developer of MissedReminder) for the update! It’s working fine with iOS 6.1.x (on my iPhone 5) Bravo!

  • an

    can u update it for ios 8..so that we can get reminder notifications…!

  • an

    or if someone can tell me about an alternate cydia tweak..