At iDB we just love giving stuff away to our loyal readers, so we’re happy to be giving away two Hot Shoe Holders for the iPhone 4.

You might remember when we reviewed the Hot Shoe Holder a while back, and it was met with a favorable response.

Now that our review is complete, it’s time to give these bad boys away to some aspiring photographer out there.

Want ’em? Check out the details on how to win inside…

We’re giving away two iPhone Hot Shoe Holders. These only work with the iPhone 4, so please be aware of that.

Simply follow the simple steps outlined in the video to win. It’s that easy.

Check back next Friday to see if you won. We’ll ship these out priority mail as soon as we pick a winner.

We apologize in advance to our wonderful international readers, this giveaway is for US applicants only.

  • Mike

    I’d really like to have it @itweakmyi

  • ashish

    Iā€™d like to have it @Apple_Craver

  • kokhean

    US only? Darn!

  • Kilian

    Do you sent it to Germany too?? :S

  • msxy

    is it possible to africa :p

  • india?

  • Zara

    Great idea, iDB šŸ˜€ @ZaraTessa

  • Nadz

    I like it @jonesy_n

  • Timothy Lo

    Lovely Stand! Nice. :)) @tim0_123

  • 2meu

    I want the black one @ydreamer09

  • WK

    Great… Love to have one @ykhean

  • jovy dayao

    thanks alot for your onsideration @jovydayao

  • plz give me

  • soccerkrzy

    I am Twitterless, maybe AIM me at soccerkrzy?

  • Simeon

    Iyd realey like to have it as it would be verry useful with my camera, @simeonlatham.

  • c0edx

    Jeff what kind of camera you have?

  • c0edx

    Sorry forgot @c0edx

  • @upupdowndownba

    Thanks! @upupdowndownba

  • Crysz

    I want to win! @Yo_crysz

  • Ashley

    Pick me pick me!! @ashlraymond

  • Ashley

    Pick mee!! @ashlraymond

  • Rob

    I am more interested in using it with various tripod-like accessories as it has the “standard” tripod thread. @robbabiak

  • Mason

    I Want To Win. @MasonWho

  • Guru

    Thats awesome! @guru555

  • Alex Willum

    Pick me pick me!! @yougotmaildk
    Iā€™d really like to have it @yougotmaildk
    I have got this fibromyalgi ad is very sick, and the monye are few – please let ME win ;-D

  • Chris

    I’m glad you are doing all these videos. Iphone Download blog just got better with you on board.

    Take care

    @autoxdyno šŸ™‚

  • I love iPhone download Blog. I visit this blog the most, Where i get to see all these cool gadgets and updates about Apple iPhone.

  • FeLii

    Nice Video, I really want one! šŸ™‚ @FeLiiRiioz

  • YourFriendBen

    Send one of those my way please.
    Twitter: YourFriend_Ben

  • Hope I win!!! (my YouTube name is iPodHacks142)

  • RanKer

    i Got the Canon Rebel eos t2i and got Iphone 4, Guess what i need? šŸ˜€ Its this Black Handler šŸ˜€

  • Tjerome

    Cheers! @tjerome

  • MervinGee

    Definitely need this for my T2i It would be great If I won. Twitter @MervinGee

  • Camille

    A Canon Rebel T3i and an iPhone 4 would definitely make a great combination of tools for an aspiring musician and film maker haha, sign me up @camilleedavidd

  • Pnut

    I would love this in tandem with my D3100!!


  • Meee toooo!

  • forgot – @kimr55760