Display Recorder is a wonderful jailbreak app by Ryan Petrich for creating a video recording of your iPhone’s screen. Some users, however, have been having problems creating new recordings and have seen Error Code 0 or 2. As far as I can tell, the issue is related to the way that Display Recorder stores files in the file system to circumvent ASLR obstacles and the permissions that iTunes applies to them during backup restores.

It seems that the only users affected by these errors are those who recently restored from an iTunes backup or upgraded/downgraded their firmware. Luckily, the fix is pretty simple and can be done in under ten minutes…

Before I begin, make sure you have iFile or a similar app for browsing your iPhone’s directories at the root level. You will need to dig into the Library files and delete some things, so make sure you do this carefully. If you have any recordings in there that you want to save, be sure to make a backup of the videos before you proceed.

  1. Launch Cydia and uninstall Display Recorder. To do this, simply tap Manage, tap Packages, scroll down to Display Recorder, tap it, tap Modify in the upper right corner, and select Remove. Confirm the uninstallation in the dialog that appears, and tap Restart Springboard when prompted.
  2. Launch iFile and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/
    You will see some booleanmagic license files, a folder titled DisplayRecorder, and some other system files.
  3. Tap the Edit button in iFile, select the booleanmagic files and the DisplayRecorder folder (your selection will be marked by the filled bubbles to the left of each file) and tap the Trash Can icon at the bottom of iFile’s interface. Do not delete any other files, as you may create problems with your iOS keyboard. Confirm the delete, and respring (via SBSettings or similar. Otherwise, just turn your device off and then on).
  4. Go back to Cydia and install Display Recorder again. When you try to record this time, you should not encounter any errors.

I assume that this issue is caused by iTunes recursively setting permissions on the Keyboard folder. When Display Recorder is first installed, it creates these files and applies the correct permissions. But when you install Display Recorder after restoring from an iTunes backup that contains the backed up data, Display Recorder does not recreate the folders, and thus does not repair the permissions. The outcome of that is the jailbreak app no longer has permission to create new files or modify existing recording templates.

There’s a video on YouTube which advises that you to create a new file in the DisplayRecorder called “.recording.avi” and make sure it’s marked as a Regular File. I’d recommend against this, as your videos will not appear in the Display Recorder app afterwards.

Has anyone else had this issue or something similar after restoring from a backup?

  • Unfortunately Display Recorder is not yet compatible to iOS 5 🙁

    • ihateterm

      Duh don even have iPhone 5 and no iOS 5

  • Teban

    Yeah i have the same prob. After recording and closing the app the vids are gone… This guide will fix that too???

    • _Cjvy_

      It worked for me 🙂

  • @Teben, it doesn’t fix the vids problem…

  • Nick

    Have any of you upgraded to iOS 5 and downgraded back to iOS 4.3.3 and had this issue start? I’m wondering if that’s where it comes from.

  • Nick

    If you are not seeing video thumbnails in the app like the bottom recordings in the pic below, you might have the settings set to H.264. Change it back to MJPEG/AVI to get those back when you record. The H.264 setting is experimental.


  • Phil

    Thanks a lot man, you’re a life saver!

  • Nick

    According to Ryan Petrich, here’s the terminal command to fix the problem:

    chmod -R 777 /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/DisplayRecorder/

  • Yilmaz

    I have done exactly as you instructed, BUT for some odd reason when i go back to “display recorder’s” settimgd in the settingsmenu everything is in chinese or japanese!!! Whyyy!?!?!
    Plz help

    • Sounds like a problem with the encoding of the filesystem, and/or a database error from something that uses mySQL lite. If you’ve gotten this far, it’s safe to say you’ll need a restore. My advice: don’t use PkgBackup. Restore your phone if you can, and don’t restore from a backup. Set it up as a new device instead. It’s a real pain, but you’ll save yourself the headache in the long run. Once I stopped restoring from backups that had PkgBackup data in them, I stopped having many problems.

      • Scoop

        No, theres a language file somewhere, search google for “Display Recorder language file” and you simply change the english language on the left to the same language on the right (instead of the korean currently there)

    • Jake

      I’ve had that prob 2 nd I don’t no how 2 change language?

    • Jake

      I’ve had that prob 2 nd I don’t no how 2 change language

  • Yilmaz

    Tnkzzz in advance!!!

  • Yilmaz

    And yeah, found another thing besides the language thing. I’m not able to play my recordings in the app itself when they are recorded in experimental (H.264). I only get two options; “delete recording” and “upload to youtube”. what is happening???

    • Yilmaz

      Excuse me!!! I meant the opposite!!!!
      I am able to play My recordings in the app, BUT only when i have recorded them in experimental..!!!!!!!

      • Then try this command, if you have not yet: chmod -R 777 /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/DisplayRecorder/

        I did a bit of digging on twitter, and most of this advice (including warnings against PkgBackup) come right from the developer of Display Recorder.

      • Nick Prokesch

        The reason behind this is that H.264 support is built-in to iOS. AVI support is not, and cannot be played natively, only deleted and uploaded. That’s why third party apps like Buzz Player, Azul, and VLC are such great apps… they will play anything. So when you record in H.264, it will create a .MOV file that the iPhone can natively display/play. But the files are created in a different place for some reason. This location does not usually have the the right permissions for users and apps to access them correctly, so when you install Display Recorder, it applies the right permissions via the Cydia installer.

    • To fix this, run the command: chmod 777 -R /Library/DisplayRecorder

      The H.264 movies are stored in a different place than the AVI movies.

  • Yilmaz

    Hi again!
    Thanks for your advice, the command you are talking about BUT how do i do it????

    • Nick

      In Cydia, install OpenSSH. It’s free. Then download the App Store app Prompt ($2.99 USD) or any other SSH app like iSSH. Open that app, enter the following connection settings:
      Server/host: localhost
      Port: 22
      Username: root
      Password: alpine

      A prompt will appear and give you a place to type. Type the command on one line, exactly as appears, and don’t copy and paste. Hit enter or return, and it will run.

      You can also do this with Terminal.app on the Mac (or iTerm) and WinSCP or Command Prompt on Windows ( click start, click run, type “cmd”‘ and hit enter.

      Then type: ssh root@iphoneIPadress
      Hit enter
      Same username and password as above.
      Same command procedure as above.

      Your iPhone’s local IP address can be found on the main window of SBSettings or in the iPhone settings app, under Network > WiFi > and then tap the blue arrow next to the wifi-network-name. Don’t change anything, just note the IP address. You might be able to just type in the cellular IP, whatever it is, by looking it up via whatismyipaddress.com

      • Yilmaz

        Hi again !
        if i follow these steps will it in any way change my iphone?
        And the command thing you mentioned, is it in any way dangerous to use???

  • Yilmaz

    Thanks for your time and help!!!

    • Nick Prokesch

      OpenSSH is harmless. It will not consume any resources on your phone. The command itself will not harm your phone. All it does is give Display Recorder the proper access to its system files, so that it can read, write, and execute the files that it needs to work properly.

  • Nick Prokesch

    chmod is a permissions command. The “-R” flag means that it will recursively apply the permissions to all files and folders within the DisplayRecorder folder. The “777” part means that all files will be able to have permission (at the root level) for read/write/execute. And the file paths are the ones that Display Recorder uses. So apply both chmod commands. As of now, those folders are likely only to have read permissions, which is where the Display Recorder errors come from.

    • Yilmaz

      Awsome !!!!!!!

  • Hey man I just got an error saying “Failed to write pixel buffer (Error Code 0) now I went back and deleted then reinstalled it but it still has the error code 0 thing on it…what do i do?

    • Nick

      All of the “failed to write” or “failed to read” errors are usually permission errors. Display Recorder is trying to write (create a movie file) and the current permissions on the folders it’s using are not writeable. Read the previous comments and try to repair the permissions with the two chmod commands. Reboot after and try Display Recorder again. If it doesn’t work, uninstall Display Recorder, run the two commands again, reboot, and reinstall Display Recorder. If it still doesn’t work, then restore your firmware and set it up as a new device (don’t restore from an iTunes backup).

      Hint: you can reboot from an SSH app simply by typing: reboot (and pressing enter)

  • But how do you get the commands?

  • Nick

    These are the two commands:
    chmod -R 777 /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/DisplayRecorder/
    chmod -R 777 /Library/DisplayRecorder

    chmod is built into iOS. All you need to do is SSH into your phone, either through a desktop program or an App Store program, after you have installed OpenSSH in Cydia, and type each of those commands and press enter at the end. Each line is a full command. Commands are like text instructions that you type to a computer, or to an iPhone in this case. Once you type it out and hit enter, the system takes those instructions and does what it’s told. In this case, it will make sure those two folders above are cool to create new files in, let other apps read files from, and let other apps launch files from.

    There are plenty of guides on how to SSH into your phone on this site. You just want to do it with a desktop app like Terminal or Command Prompt. I wrote it out step-by-step above.

    If you still need help, let me know, and I’ll make you a youtube video.

  • Ryan

    When using display recorder, my itouch’s sound actually turns off. So if I was recording a game, I wouldn’t be able to hear the game while i’m playing it. How do I fix this, if at all possible?

    • Nick

      Display Recorder does not record sound. If you want sound, connect a 3.5mm audio cable from the iPhone to the line in on your computer. Then record it with something like Audacity, and use iMovie to join the audio and video clips. Otherwise, no dice.

      • Ryan

        I am not asking to record sound, but when I am playing a game and turn on the recorder, the sound I can physically hear is turned off, so I can’t hear what is going on in the game.

  • NaoDarkness


    I don’t know why everyone is making this a big deal it took me five min to find the problem, just open up iFile and go to /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/DisplayRecorder/
    And in /DisplayRecorder/ file create a new file called “.recording.avi” make sure the Type is a Regular File when you create it, then
    record and stop recording two or three times and it will fix it’s self, but if you have experimental H.264 options selected then your videos won’t show in the app you’ll have to view them in the /DisplayRecorder/ folder.

    • NaoDarkness

      Okay forget what I said about the experimental H.264 not working, you just have to record a few times and it fixes it self.

  • Kitschki

    hey i got a problem i did all u said but if i record apps in landscape it says recording errored: failed to write pixel buffer (error code 0)!!! what can i do now? :(((

  • Nico

    Can someone help me with my problem?

    I’ve got an iPhone 3gs with 4.3.1 jailbreak. And I’ve got a paid version of Display Recorder
    but when i try to record, it just lags my ipod and then when i try to stop the recording with an activation method or even by going back to the app and pressing “stop recording” it doesn’t stop it and just continues to lag my iPhone 😐 The only way to stop it is by rebooting my device but it hasn’t captured anything.

    Does anyone know to fix something like this? Help is greatly appreciated.

  • Mitch

    I have the same problem as Nico. I tried what the instructions said 🙁

  • Nick Prokesch

    What Cydia apps do you have installed? You should install syslogd. The answer to this problem will likely show itself in the log file. Install it and try to use Display Recorder. Then if you can’t figure it out from the log, post it here.

    • Nico

      Hasn’t made a difference and idk what to search for in the syslogd :S

      Please help..

      • Nick

        As I said earlier, if you can’t figure it out on your own, post the log here and I’ll take a took.

      • Nico

        It doesnt show anything related to display recorder in the syslogd though :S

  • AppleFan

    Im still having problem with the display recorder when recording games, im using ipad2 to record my games and i get the error code 0 when trying to recorder, “Street Fighter 4 volt”, how can i fix this?

    P.S. I tried everything that u have posted here on this help section and none of it solved my problem

    • Troll

      Yea. When I record Plants vs Zombies HD, it cant record. It will say ‘Recording errored:Failied to write pixel buffer(Error Code: 0). But on Angry Birds HD, it works fine.

      • DyLaNxDx

        Same, but I can’t record megajump, but I can record doodle jump, I’ve tried PvZ but that won’t work either…… Hoping for a fix soon :/

  • Woo

    I have a problem. When im done recording, it says save file i hit save and video is not there?? I went to .recording.avi and opened it with video veiwer and it just freeze and goes to my home page. Please help me!!!

  • help? when i start to record it comes up ‘unable to start writing, error code 0’

  • i’m getting some error –
    recording errored: interrupted by another app using the audio/video codec hardware
    please help me.

    • Anonymous

      Am having the same issue ,anyone to help us?

      • Same here.. If I record in Mov format and (while recording) I open an app that uses the camera, then displayrecorder crashes with this message… “Recording errored. Interrupted by another app using the audio/video codec.”

        It seems that I DON’T get these error when using MJPEG/AVI format, but those recording cannot be played back on any player (not even VLC).

        Clues, anyone?

  • A guy in neeed of HELP

    This doesn’t work and Im really getting frustrated. First off, is there anyway to do this for free without the use of a SINGLE penny? I’m still a teen and I my dad doesn’t allow that shit. Anyway, I downgraded my ipod from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3. I jailbroke it using jailbreakme.com and Im not sure wtf is going on. Display Recorder worked well on 4.3.5 but when I downgrade it to 4.3.3, When I start Display Recorder, It shows it’s recording on the icon but when you tap it and go into the app, it shows stop recording and when I tap stop recording no video pops up and when I swipe across statusbar to use springboard, it’s just transparent and I cant do shit. I exit display recorder and swipe across the screen to go to the page where you search your ipod for apps or songs and it just resprings itself and enters safe mode. Then I respring it again, and it goes on the same way. PLLLEEEASE what did I do wrong????? I’m starting to think I have no choice but to rejailbreak 4.3.5 to tethered again and I dont want to!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP ME.

  • Javier Lara

    My problem is that when I want to post a video on YouTube and I press on the betton to post it on my iPod touch it goes to the lock screen and it sais that it crashed and I have to turn it off and turn it back on

  • Joelrck

    Hey guys! my problem is that I install Display Recorder but the app doesn’t work. I mean that I open the app and it’s closed immediately. I don’t know why. I’ve tried several sources but nothing…. So I’d like to know if you can help me. I have an iphone 3g 8GB 4.2.1

  • Joel Kung

    My problem is after i record the video, i cannot upload the video to youtube. Please help me

  • i tried to make a lets play but its not recording the output audio -.- :/

    • Dr

      Go to settings, scroll down to display Recorder, and change the video format to h.264 + mic, and make sure quality and fps are all the way up

  • When I start recording it only records the top right of the screen were it says iPod, I am on 6.1 on a tethered jailbreak, anyone know why this is happening?

  • Hi, is there a way through which activator will be compatible with Display Recorder? Whenever I try to activate by (for example) double tapping the statusbar it says that the license is missing. But I am able to record by just going in the app and press record that way. I want to make it easier through activator, is there any way this is possible?

  • I’ve got iOS 6.1.3 and it won’t record mic sounds

  • Hank Hernandes

    Ok so my little sister wet my ipod with bubbles and when my ipod got wet all of my cydia stuff ( display recorder, mewseek) stoped working, so i went in to the settings ap to find ou twhat happend and all of my tweaks were gone! Was i tbecouse my ipod got wet or not?plezzz hele me

  • bob castro

    Hey I use display recorder to record my videos and when I’m doing a gameplay or tutorial for minecraft the mic cuts off. Please help see my video on YouTube techipod1021 to see an example

  • Isaiah

    I have a question I just bought display recorder and whenever I try to start it says unable to communicate with springboard device may be in safe mode or displayrecorder.dlyib has been disabled in SBsettings. Please help me.
    Email davweb75@gmail.com or just right on the next comment

  • Slendamon Noneya

    Um can someone help? I been trying to record this series on my ios in Slender Rising. Every time I click the thing to start recording, the app stops the audio. I don’t know why the audio in the app stops, but I want it to be with audio, because is gonna be for my YouTube channel

  • Inforno_Fire

    This works for ios 7 right?

  • _Cjvy_

    Thank you, it worked 😀 (iOS 7.1.1)

  • Bolz

    Can someone help me plzzz… I’ve run the display recorder and start recording. However, in the middle of my recording, my phone got stucked up then crashes and now stuck in bootloop. Fortunately, i manage to boot it up in a “non-jailbreak” mode. But every time i try to boot it up into a jailbroken state, its stuck on bootloop. I even try to boot it up in a daylight but no luck. TIA

  • docdemort

    there was no boolean magic files, and no display recorder folder

  • Mary Soto

    Display Recorder gets pulled from the App Store because iOS screen recording is banned. Currently, I’m using a desktop app call Acethinker iPhone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It’s not that direct, but it works pretty well.