Apple and Samsung are currently in the middle of a heated copycat lawsuit. Apple accused Samsung of stealing the iPhone’s design, and Samsung retaliated by asking to see Apple’s unreleased products for comparison.

Both companies believe that their products designs are being copied, but one thing’s for sure: Samsung won’t be seeing any unreleased products from Apple.

It was a ridiculous move for Samsung to even file a motion to see Apple’s upcoming iPhone and iPad. Of course, the request didn’t totally come out of the blue. Apple had been granted access to some of Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. The only difference was that Samsung’s products were already in circulation with news outlets and pundits for pre-release reviews.

Apple called Samsung’s motion an “attempt to harass,” and it was very clear that there would be no chance for Samsung to see anything unreleased from Apple.

As was expected, the court has ruled in favor of Apple and denied Samsung the right to compare Apple’s unreleased products with its own. Samsung wants to see Apple’s next iPhone and iPad to see if the current lawsuit really holds up. If both companies have taken a different direction in product design, the copycat lawsuit becomes irrelevant.

In the meantime, Apple is trying to get a preliminary injunction to keep Samsung’s upcoming products off the market. This could prove problematic without the court having access to Apple’s next generation of products.

FOSS Patents,

“The potentially bad news for Apple is that the court order contains a passage hinting that Apple may not get a preliminary injunction against the sale of certain Samsung products in the United States at this stage.

Instead, it may be necessary for the court to evaluate such a motion against the background of the iPhone 5 (as far as any Samsung phones are concerned) and the iPad 3 (as far as any Samsung tablet computers are concerned), whenever Apple is in a position to present those products.”

Apple probably won’t get their injunction until the next iPhone is released,

“But if Apple still doesn’t want to show the iPhone 5 at that stage, the court may be hesitant to grant an injunction because an injunction may be the appropriate decision as long as the Galaxy competes with the iPhone 4 but it may no longer be justified after the release of the iPhone 5, which almost everyone believes we will see later this year, in the event that the iPhone 5’s design departs in important ways from previous iPhones.”

As Samsung and Apple continue their legal battle, all we can do is sit back and watch. You can rest assured that prototypes will not be leaving Cupertino anytime soon. (That is, unless one turns up in a bar.)

Do you think Samsung should have access to Apple’s secret products so this lawsuit can finally be put to rest?

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  • dinozilla

    basically….one designed and leads a form factor, others follow….here the story goes…..


    Even Samsung’s punch-back is a copy-cat, what else would you expect on product design?

  • siralsmooth

    Apple has a lot to learn still in the mobile phone world. Look what happened to Nokia getting sued only to turn it around on apple. Apple needs to get off its high horse and realize if they keep filing suits its only gunna get worse. Samsung should have been able to see the prototypes, its only fair.

    • Joe

      Apple doesn’t need to learn anything. They are picking up key patents also they make the most money out of every company in the world. I think you just need to stop being an idiot and stop hating a company that doesn’t care about you.

      • siralsmooth

        Here’s a thought for you. A, I’m far from an idiot, although you sound like one getting off topic here. B, don’t care about apple anymore, don’t even use an iphone anymore either. And finally C, Samsung makes the lcd boards for most of apples products. Point being, you don’t bite the hand that feeds or sue the companies that have been making cell phones for 10+ years longer than you. Just bad business, apple is the newcomer and still has lot to learn.

  • Ken

    If samsung products don’t have quility, apple no need to mind samsung.
    But samsung products are so good as apple.
    apple never mind and sue for chinese iphone.
    apple worry for quility products that can beat idevices.

    • Alec

      I HIGHLY doubt your name is ken with english and spelling like that.

  • Jon Garrett

    The only thing worse than apple’s behavior are fanboys who somehow think that that’s good for consumers.

    • Joe

      What are you talking about. They are protecting their name. Samsung is trying to steal apples identy. So people will think their products are the same and it’s working.

  • AB

    Samsung is a god damn copycat company, they are just blindly aping what apples makes at cheaper prices. It’s like BMW develops something, & Hyundai follows it blindly…

  • Rmspwr

    There both two good company’s samsung should have the right to look at apples new phones and tablets the judge is a wanker hay I’ll let apple look at ur device and possibly steal some ideas but I won’t do the same for u. I’d reqest a new judge coz u sound like he may have been paid off

  • Apple Horrid

    Apps is a horrid company! I’ve no regrets getting rid of my iphone and ipad for android..