It’s no secret that young adults are taking extreme measures to get their hands on Apple products. It wasn’t long ago that the story of the kid who sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPad 2 made its way around the internet.

Offering an organ for an Apple product seems pretty drastic, until you hear what this next girl is offering. The Korea Herald is reporting that a young Chinese woman has posted an “ad” offering to trade her virginity for an iPhone 4

The Guangdong teen has posted a picture of herself along with other personal information on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Her listing states that she is willing to “sell” her virginity to anyone that buys her an iPhone 4.

The girl explains that it is her, “dream to own an iPhone 4,” but her father won’t let her get one. Thus, she has decided to sleep with someone in exchange for the mobile device. Needless to say, her post has been riddled with comments criticizing her actions.

This isn’t a problem with Apple or their marketing team. This is just the old fashioned get-what-you-want-at-any-cost mentality at its worst. I’m willing to bet the parents are kicking themselves right now. Not for not buying their daughter the iPhone, but for not teaching her any better than this.

What’s your take?

  • Doucheblag

    Hmm, If i buy her an iphone and a buddy buys her an ipad…

    …Threeway time!

    • Frankie


      • Goofygreek

        Lmao. Yes

      • Polemicist

        LOL… Good call..

    • hmorad

      i’m gettin her the iphone 😀

  • …Wow.

  • BLiNK

    nice going “Dad”

  • What is the world coming to!

  • That’s a morality headache.

  • LALA

    Very sad, shame on her parents. Not for not buying her an iPhone, but for raising her without manners and not giving her the sense of self respect!

  • Pro

    $600 is too much to pay for an inexperienced hoe.

    • omakad

      HA HA HA. You are funny… The story is sad. I think she’s just trying to get back at her dad.

  • Fojam

    What about the monthly payments?

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      They’re unlocked everywhere now. She doesn’t need to pay for any service.

  • Tommy


  • morpheus

    pics/links, or it didn’t happen.

  • ZEUS

    Whats her address!!

  • Spoon2

    I agree with Pro’s comment. How about her virginity for a used 3G? I think asking for an iPhone 4 is too steep she’s trying to steal from someone!!

  • mystery

    I offer her a BB pearl for a blowjob.
    Nice trade, isnt?

    • send ur mother & sis for a nite stand ill giv 10,000 $

    • David

      Brings a whole new meaning to a pearl necklace 😀

  • Nasty

  • That’s so sad, Apple should give her an iPhone 4 for free!

  • Imagine giving her a fake one in return

    • Goofygreek

      Lmao. Give her a hiphone

  • Steve NO job

    If I am steve jobs . I would love to give her a FREE white iPhone 4 and a FREE white iPad 2

    • saleh

      love ur name xD

  • Dude

    I’m wondering! How is the plan for this iPhone being covered?

  • Nothing

    Is there nothing to post anymore?

  • Lupius

    So… I mentioned this LAST-YEARS-NEWS in my comments on the “kidney-for-iPad” story, and you delete it so you can make it your own blog entry?

  • JS

    She Shld wait like 2 months for the iPhone 5 or 4s or whatever apple calls it!!!

  • Cin

    Wasn’t there a story of a girl sellin her virginity on eBay. Maybe she should post her virginity on there. She might get more than $600. She’s bound to loose it to someone. Better get some money for it than a crappy memory of some loser that she will also regret.

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      I never thought about it this way… Good point!

  • Steve Blowjob

    I’ll giver her an iPhone 4… and my iCock too

    • Ernesto Castellanos


  • Chico

    I don’t know why everyone seams so surprised.
    This is what women always did.
    Just think about it! Hot chicks – ugly rich dudes

    End of story

  • Will

    I would be happy with flash from her or on my phone

  • KingDJ

    I’ll take it
    I’ll just give Her a box still wrapped and tell her wait till I’m in the car! Lmaoz wen she opens it and finds nothing imagine her face owned!!! Lol

  • Muhammad Adnan

    Very Dissapointing

  • Evil Penevil

    I’d bet she’s a technical virgin.

  • Chico

    I’d bet she isn’t virgin

  • iOSlut

    I wonder what I can get if I sen her an unlocked iPhone 4. Hmm

  • Unbelievable, absolutely discusting, upsetting what the world is coming to !

  • Taba

    Hmmm…Wonder what I can get for my 2G??

  • JD

    the future is here!

  • Tom

    What if your dauter do the same for iPhone 8 one day? People should reflect on their quest of material lives!

    • Taba

      What does that means?

  • Taka

    nah, she’s probably ugly anyways

  • Mia

    Maybe she got AIDS 😀