Talk about a change of pace. Instead of the cat-and-mouse game that Apple has been playing with the jailbreak community for years, Microsoft has decided to go the opposite route and actually invite hackers to jailbreak the company’s own mobile platform, Windows Phone 7.

ChevronWP7 is doing something unprecedented by developing non-approved apps and services for a closed source OS. Microsoft is allowing this initiative in an attempt to make “Windows Phone development more accessible.”

“As you may remember, one of our goals was to make Windows Phone development more accessible. Plans have recently solidified and we can now reveal a solution we’ve been working on.

As announced on the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, we will soon be launching an approved Windows Phone unlocking service as part of ChevronWP7 Labs. This will be available to developers across all skill levels and all regions.”

To jailbreak an iPhone, you don’t have to pay anything. For access to the ChevronWP7 Labs, you’ll need to pay a small PayPal fee. Once payed, you’ve got open access to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 till your heart’s content!

Does Microsoft get geek points for this move? The folks at Cupertino should take note.


  • Fojam

    This is why i love microsoft

  • William

    This is what SONY needs to learn from Microsoft;
    Also, this is why Microsoft’s Xbox Live network didn’t get hacked. lol

  • Jason

    props to microsoft.

  • Jason

    I wish I knew someone with a windows phone, always wanted to try it out- just for curiosity’s sake.

    • Cameron

      Use dreamboard and use Windows Phone 7 theme

    • haddock

      I have been using one since feb., they are great man. get one, you will not be sorry. you are more than welcome to try my Samsung Omnia 7 if you are in Stockholm

  • Arpit kalra

    The big man got balls openly inviting its prey to the game

  • monkers

    Free security and R&D, consultants apleanty. Not stupid are they

  • It’s pretty cool that MS is actually partnering with them instead of trying to block them. Open source I think is better for everyone. And those who don’t know about or want to do it have nothing to worry about. My sister has a windows phone and I’m impressed. It’s not better than an iPhone but it’d be my #2 choice. I like their OS better than android

  • babeh

    just tried my professor htc mozart with wp7. Oh my god, i fell like going to throw it. Slow internet, no other maps like google maps or offline internet gps, and weird ui. Android was better.
    Somehow now it grown up faster, just take a look at gizmodo wp7.5 mango first look. Its so alive! now looks like it beats the android.

  • johnny appleseed

    LOL…the comments say it all…no one has a freaking Windows phone…and no one really wants one…that’s why they’re trying to get people interested with this hacker advertising….its just a scam.

    Don’t get me wrong either…I love my 360 and I have had several of the original xbox also…both of which have been and are hacked.

    So unless the phone is somehow better than the 360…I couldn’t really care if they hack the phone, but I’m sure someone will.

    And for any Sony fans…go get a 360 and enjoy multiplayer gaming online the way it was meant to be…I wish I didn’t drop the $700 on my PS3…when I wanted to sell it…they were offering me half what I paid…so it collects dust most of the time.

    • Cameron

      With PS3 you don’t have to pay for online AND you can’t get some cool games like Little Big Planet etc

      • David

        Little big planet LOL

  • c0edx

    Their despreat, they need sales and they see how big the iPhone community is so the’re willing to drop their pants for a small fee. It’s a stupid move and their Jailbreak will never come close to Apples Jailbreak community.

  • Hari

    On a similar +ve note, HTC announced that they will no longer lock bootloaders (meaning freedom to install alternative builds):

  • Jason

    This is old news.

  • Dustin

    Wow, Microsoft is doing great so far with Windows Phone 7. Even though there is a small charge for Jailbreaking the OS, It’s definitely worth It.

  • quint_essence

    micro$oft? allowing jailbreaking? for a price? does anyone else hear the twilight zone theme playing? this is definitely a scam on m$’s part. they’ll allow the jailbreak then find a way to ban or break the phone. not that anyone would care really. to this day haven’t seen a single person with a windows phone.