Though the Apple TV2 is doing much better than its predecessor, ATV2 sales are anything but spectacular compared to Apple’s other products. The device has been labeled by Apple as “just a hobby,” but there is new evidence suggesting that the Cupertino company may be starting to get serious about taking over our living rooms.

Daily Tech is reporting that they have heard on good authority that Apple is looking to replace the Apple TV line this fall with an entirely new product. Their source, a former Apple executive, is claiming that soon we will be able to walk into an Apple store, and walk out with a TV set…

Rumors of an Apple-flavored television have been flying for years. But if you’ve ever heard the expression “strike while the iron’s hot,” you might understand why an Apple TV set is more probable now than ever before.

The product is said to be iOS-based, with its hardware made from an OEM, possibly Samsung. The new TV set will combine FrontRow, iTunes, AirPlay and other features into a slender, sexy package.

Though it’s not like Apple to jump into such a saturated market, maybe the company feels like they have enough to offer customers to take the gamble, which is an interesting dynamic in itself. How would Steve Jobs and company build a TV set? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you think we’ll see an Apple TV set? What are some features you’d like it to have?



  • valmurph

    Wow. Just today I commented a SAI that apples falling share price was crazy given they have this obvious massive opportunity still in the bag. A real apple TV set could be a massive game changer and a huge new profit centre for the company. Internet TVs have been tried before and failed, but the same was true of tablets before the IPad. I expect this product to be similarly ( if not more) transformative.

  • Lmao. Retina display on a TV, perhaps? I can dream, can’t I? πŸ˜›

    Unfortunately Apple is a bit on the pricey side, though. I can’t even afford a 60″ flatscreen from cheap vendors, how would I be able to afford a $4,000 40″? (Or w/e other price offered.)

    Maybe they can make this the one product that would be affordable. Hell, the Apple TV was.

  • Jack

    No way in hell. They discontinued front row in lion so why the he’ll would they produce a tv with a software technology they’ve dropped. I’m calling bs on this.

  • blah

    I’m sure it will happen, but the darn thing will probably cost 6 thousand dollars! -.-

  • Braulio

    Total DOMINATION by Apple!!! I’m ok with that πŸ™‚

  • Chico

    I can see it happening… but not any time soon though

  • Rmspwr

    Fc….ucking retar…. ded stick to what u know. Hmm basically it’s a over priced samsung. With iOS. I’ll stick with samsung for a tv and iOS for a phone

  • Raz

    Will there be a jailbreak for this too?

  • Lol as long as it’s not 3d! I’m sick of this 3d craze even cellphones with 3d when will it end!!!??

    • saleh

      when 4D arrives πŸ˜€

  • Alex L

    they could also release iphone 5/4S at that same keynote too! perfect oppurtunity for apple!

  • siralsmooth

    And they’ll only offer it in white so that you can justify spending your childs college fund in it. Lmao.

  • Maflagulator

    I’d like to see Hulu supported in it….and my Apple TV2 as well. Thats an announcement I’m HOPING for, but I’ll be shocked to hear it since Hulu gives you most of the TV programming away for only $7/month where Apple hits you for $.99 for each episode. I’ll rent new releases from Apple that I can’t get on NetFlix, but I’m not interested in being nickle/dimed for network TV.

    • Click my name all the tv shows for free!! Your welcome!! Why make apple and hulu rich!

  • Steve jobs book confirms that Apple is working on an iOS television set but who knows when it will be released.

    What a shame if Apple doesn’t take advantage of iOS and iCloud in the living room.