The folks at Rovio are back with yet another Angry Birds title. Angry Birds Seasons “Summer Pignic” is the latest installment of the famed franchise that’s set to drop very soon.

As you eagerly anticipate more addictive gameplay from Angry Birds, you can watch this teaser trailer!

Who’s pumped?

UPDATE: Summer Picnic is now live in the App Store!


  • Cool!

  • Jeff

    It’s going to be the same shit over and over again, flinging birds, hitting the pigs, yes, that IS the game, but there’s no replay value. Same birds, too. Just a different background.

    • Cameron

      That’s actually true! Rovio need to pump this game up, it’s falling behind.

  • XepptizZ

    Wow, I’ve been caring incrementally less and less with each iteration, starting from ‘hardly interested’

    I don’t get the exitement of people for this pseudo peggle, chaostheory gameplay.

  • I love it 🙂

  • Z

    It’s addictive at first but I lost interest with it now

  • Hakan

    I am so EGGcited, this is EGGcelent ! 😀