Over the past few weeks, jailbreak developers have been churning out custom widgets for the new iOS 5 Notification Center like crazy. Even though the new software is still in beta, the jailbreak community has already hacked it and created a variety of new tweaks.

The most recent one to surface comes from developer Manuel Gebele. Surprisingly enough, it’s called WeeFacebook and it gives you a window into your social networking account from the Notification Center…

The WeeFacebook widget allows you to access your account to view status updates and check-ins, along with a few other Facebook features. The downside? It can’t be installed via Cydia.

Luckily, we have a brief tutorial for you on how to download it. So if you’re on iOS 5, jailbroken and feeling froggy, let’s leap:

Step 1. Download this .deb file via mobile Safari on your iDevice

Step 2. Open up the .deb file with iFile and select the Installer option.

Step 3. Make sure you are logged into Facebook by visiting the Facebook site on your iDevice via mobile Safari

Step 4. Once you have signed in, respring your device. WeeFacebook should now be functioning in your Notification Center

For folks who don’t have iFile, you can still download the above .deb file and follow our tutorial on how to install .deb files via SSH. The iFile method is just much more simple.

The jailbreak community is still holding vigilante to see if Apple opens up the Notification Center framework up to 3rd party developers. If they don’t, custom widgets would quickly become a headlining reason to jailbreak.

What do you think? Have you tried WeeFacebook yet?

[Redmond Pie]

  • YES!!

  • Eric

    That is beyond ugly. What a terrible UX they’re creating. Notification center is gorgeous. I’m all fir adding things Tobit. But that is a pathetically ugly attempt.

    • Mick

      I second that, if it doesn’t follow the style and ui of the notification center then I don’t want it, i’d rather just use the facebook app.

  • William

    takes up way too much screen real estate, it almost fills up the entire screen.

  • It’s the first release, I’m sure we can have a more condensed solution in the future, like an icon for messages, status updates, etc. Maybe it can be set into a clickable menu as opposed to hogging the screen space. I haven’t tried it personally, but I look forward to jailbreaking iOS5 and getting these new widgets upon release.

  • Christopher

    This is the reason Apple doesn’t open up widgets to everyone. Utter crap

  • Ios5 news is yesterday’s news yawn

    • No, I believe iOS 5 news is tomorrow’s news…

      • I beleive the ip5 is news your looking for 🙂

  • It looks bad bcause it is the bad-looking mobile Facebook site. Like WeeTwitter there is no redesigned UI. I think the developers behind this forgot the ability to scroll horizontal within the notification center. They should use this feature to make their widgets smaller and more comfortable to use. They should also left the icons behind them and implement a text-only widget with small links or predefined sections for each horizontal page (they could have, if they would use this feature). In my mind it is a little bit lazy and also quick and dirty for sure 😉

  • Rick

    maybe they should add the ability of a drop down to view the widget since so many people dislike the space it takes up

  • I think this all Facebook’s fault. Look how long it’s taken them to decide that they should create an iPad app.

    Perhaps if Facebook decided to work with Apple, they could have had the same level of integration as Twitter… but since Facebook appears to be slow at adapting to mobile, the community has to play catchup for them. Dev’s will get it all figured out in time and there will be better notifications that have the same style and pizazz that make it look like it was made for the new notification center.

  • chizZo

    hey, i have a question… when ios5 was released, weefacebook wasn´t found at cydia and i used the .deb file from this post… now weefacebook has landed @ cydia but when i try to install it i got 2 errors… what can i do? delete it manually? but how… where can i find the files i have to delete?