We actually haven’t heard too many new hardware rumors in the last few weeks. It seems like everyone is too busy digging through Apple’s new iOS 5 software for new features to really care at the moment.

But gossip picked up again over the weekend, as International Business Times stirred up the rumor pot with further speculation on the iPhone 5’s release date. The publication believes that we’ll all be lining up on September 7th for the next iPhone…

We believe that’s ridiculous. Besides a few last minute hopeful wishes that Apple’s next smartphone would be unveiled at WWDC earlier this month, we’ve had the device pegged for a September announcement. For the September 7th rumor to be true, 1 of 2 things would have to happen.

Apple would one: have to schedule an August event separate from their expected iPod event in September. Or two: they’d have to release the next iPhone on the day of or soon after its announcement.

The first option just flat out doesn’t make sense. Why hold two separate media events less than a month apart? The second move doesn’t align with any of Apple’s previous iPhone launches. Typically the device is announced, followed by a media blitz, and then launch day.

It’s more likely that we’ll hear an announcement around September 7th, a week or two of massive media coverage, and then a launch. Then again, Apple’s obviously doing a good job of keeping details about their next smartphone a secret, so we could all be way off.

What do you think?

  • Mcsteven

    Or they announce it at the iPod event. Duh…

  • Jeff

    Why do we care about what some website nobody has ever heard of has to say about it’s release date?

  • lol everyone’s like a kid in a candy store with this. I bet Apple employees are laughing their butts off at these rumors!

    The announcement would be planned out far in advance, and I do agree, these two proposed options sound ridiculous for Apple to follow on. They do like to let the news soak in with the media before release, and based on the other rumors, I’d say this one is another false.

    We’ll just have to wait and see I guess!

  • c0esx

    What did you guys think apple was goi g to put out iOS 5 with out a new iPhone. Let’s go back a year when iOS 4 was I traduced with iPhone 4. Same thing is going to happen with the iPhone 5.

  • Tada as if by magic the ip5 gossip gets underway

  • Shannon

    Um…didn’t you guys ever think that Apple could hold their event earlier this year? Have it in August instead, that way the iPhone could come out in early September. As you said, the event is only “expected” for September, nothing set in stone as to when exactly it’ll be. This seems plausible to me, since it sounds like that’s around when iOS 5 could be released to the general public.

  • jok3r

    “The second move doesn’t align with any of Apple’s previous iPhone launches.”

    Currently not announcing the phone during WWDC doesnt align with any of Apple’s previous iPhone launches heh 🙂

    I still believe it will be announced during the Apple (Music?) next event.

  • sfdas