If you’re a New York Post reader and like to read your news via NYPost.com on an iPad, then you could find the process a little more complicated than it used to be. The newspaper has blocked access to its website from Apple’s Mobile Safari browser.

In a clear attempt to push users away from the NYPost website and towards the iPad app. The New York Post’s homepage now suggests users tootle off to the App Store if they want to get their news fix on Apple’s super-successful tablet…

“Thanks for coming. NYPost.com editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App.”

When we visit NYPost.com on the iDB iPad we, as expected, get directed to a new landing page suggesting we visit Apple’s iPad App Store in order to enjoy our daily dose of news. That’s using Safari of course.

Interestingly, however, when we used a third-party browser, such as Atom, we got straight on through to the usual web interface as if nothing was wrong. We can’t help but fear this is a temporary oversight on the newspaper’s web developers’ part, but here’s hoping they’re a bit slow on the uptake.

The aim of the game here is obviously to get people away from the free website and toward the paid-for in-app subscription model of the iPad app.

Currently, a one month subscription to the New York Post will set you back $6.99, with six and twelve month subscriptions available for $39.99 and $74.99 respectively, according to Paid Content.

Unsurprisingly, the move hasn’t been received well across the internet, with blogger Dave Winer accusing the New York Post of “breaking the web.”

“Okay this is bad. This is breaking the web. If no one used the iPad it wouldn’t matter. But lots of people use it.”

What do you guys think? Is the New York Post sticking it to its customers in the name of making a quick buck? Or is a struggling newspaper company just trying to make a business for itself?

  • WOW! How on earth did they do this???

    • Shawn

      Its because the iPad browser identifies itself as a Mobile Safari iPad Browser. While 3rd party browsers such Atomic and Perfect you can change the identification on them to another browser, thus rendering this whole thing a waste on their time.

      • Anonymous

        Time for “User Agent Faker” tweak to do the job..

  • +1 🙂

  • kokhean

    Or you can just fake your user agent.

  • Trackrabbit

    Or you can stop reading the Post in any way shape or form until they remove the restriction.

    The only thing the Post would fear more than readers getting their content for free, is readers getting their content from somewhere else.

    The Post has every right to make business decisions. It[‘s up to the consumer to determine if the decision is viable.

  • siralsmooth

    WOW, what a shocker, having to pay for a newspaper. People seem to forget that companies do still have employees that need to get paid. And while ads, annoying as they are, only help out so much when you have a large scale business. IMO, if you can afford an ipad, you can afford to pay a few bucks for your digital paper. If you actually bought the paper daily, what would you spend? It makes sense to me, if you don’t like it, find another news source.