Apple may not want you to unlock your iPhone, but GEVEY sure does. The company has just released a new solution to the iPhone 4 unlock problem. If you’re tired of waiting for a software unlock to come out, you may just want to keep reading.

We’ve talked about GEVEY SIM cards before, but the Ultra is supposed to be the end-all unlock solution for the iPhone 4. It works with every version of firmware from iOS 4.0 – iOS 5, as well as several basebands…

If you absolutely need to unlock your iPhone 4, it looks like GEVEY Ultra might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Where UltraSn0w is limited to baseband 1.59, GEVEY Ultra works with 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1 and 4.10.1.

Though GEVEY SIMs have been around for a while, there’s always been a question of their legality. Part of the GEVEY SIM unlocking procedure has always involved dialing 112, which is an emergency number and therefore illegal in some countries.

With GEVEY Ultra, users no longer need to dial 112 as part of the unlock activation. Another change in Ultra is that users need to have a jailbroken iPhone for it to work. In past versions, users did not need to be jailbroken to use GEVEY products.

Perhaps the most surprising detail is the price tag. While some unlock services can cost as much as $180.00, GEVEY Ultra will run you a mere $29 $39.99 from applenberry.

It doesn’t seem like the jailbreak community is anywhere close to releasing a software unlock for iPhone 4’s on newer basebands. So although we can’t recommend GEVEY Ultra until it’s been deemed safe and legal, it might be your best bet for right now.

Have tried the new GEVEY Ultra or currently use a GEVEY SIM? Thoughts?

  • I use the original Gevey SIM and it’s great. No issues whatsoever. I’m running iOS 5 and, like I said, no problems.

    • Lisa

      Can the Gevey sim harm your iphone? And what’s the difference between the Ultra and the Supreme?

      • The Gevey Sims don’t harm your phone nor do they modify them in any way. The Gevey Ultra is ‘Untethered’ meaning that you don’t have to repeat the steps when your battery dies or you reboot your phone. You also don’t have to do anything with the Gevey Ultra; once you install the tool from Cydia, it does all the work in the background for you.

        The Supreme on the other hand was advertised as the user not having to dial ‘112’, but that was false advertisement. I tested it and you do have to dial ‘112’ the first time around. However a different supplier claims that the Gevey Supreme, that they have is real and you don’t have to dial ‘112’. I will receive that Gevey Supreme in a couple of days and let the public know if it’s true or not.

      • ptoo

        he m using iphone 4 since 2 weeks but i had not unlokd and jailbreak ma iphone.
        can i use geevey sim? nn i had heard that we can use nly 1 simcard card i mean to say that if somehow tat simcard is damaged then we have to again buy buy new geevey sim n sim card. is it true?

    • Darring70

      What gevey you bought? I have my iphone 4 and i wanna upgrade it to iOs5 but i wanna make sure what gevey card should i but to work with the iOs5 and where, thanks

  • zCausper

    HaHa now I know that you sre not from US because it is 911 oer there (:

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      there are more emergency numbers than 911, there is 912 and 112 wich redirects you to 911

      • OrangeSn0w

        112 redirects you to the country’s local one. Like, if I’m on holiday in spain, fuck know their emergency code :/

  • Fred

    Another new version of gevey is called “supreme” which one is genuine? Anyone?

  • Andrishor

    So what is the difference between the Gevey Supreme and the Gevey Ultra? I know the Ultra belongs to Applenberry but the other one? So any of the two can harm your dispositive? Anyone who knows better?

  • Lisa

    I have ordered the Supreme Gevey Sim and I do not know to use it or not, I’m afraid that I could damage the iphone. Applenberry said that the Supreme was a fake. What do you advise me? Should I buy the genuine one, the Ultra sim or they have do work in the same way, is it the same exploit? What shoul I use?

  • Aydin

    I advise rebel sim cards

  • I’ve tried all the Gevey’s for the iPhone 4 so far. From the Gevey Sim, Pro, Supreme, and the Gevey Pass and I can say that I’ve save a lot of money NOT being with AT&T. This one is next, I just ordered it hopefully it can get to me this week. So I can get a video out on it letting other know if it works or not. I you’re tired of waiting on the dev team then this is definitely the way to go. Or you can sell your current iPhone 4 and buy a FACTORY unlock one from Apple lol.

    • Monchie

      I want to ask if you encountered losing ur signal like in an elevator and tunnel. do you need to redo the process when u lose your signal ryt? how about the gevey ultra? what will happen when u lost ur signal?

      • When you lose your signal you don’t have to repeat the steps, signal comes back when reception comes back. Same thing with the Gevey Ultra.

  • goofygreek

    just went to the site, now says its 39.99. might want to change that in the post

    • goofygreek

      the gevey pro is $28

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    what’s is better talking about perfomance and not needing to worry about the emergency number, gevey or rebel? rebel that is more expensive or gevey wich need to dial an emergency number?

    I’m thinking in buying one of those, but the need to dial emergency number worries me, I saw some canadian selling iphone 4 with gevey and saying the phone wasnt able to work in Canada, so I assume that the companies banned that particular iphone 4 from their network because of excessive connections with 112

    • You are NOT suppose to let the call connect. I’ve done the procedure well over 50 times on my own phones and I’ve never had any problem with the law or my carrier. The package stresses that you are NOT suppose to let the call connect.

  • anon

    got mine for about 8 bucks off amazon months ago… still working great!

    running 4.2.1 on iphone 4

    one note to point out – while it is illegal to dial 112 and hang up (equivalent to 911 in the states and actually redirects you to 911 if you are in the states), i find that you have to wait a good moment for the line to connect to actually speak with the operator. this means that you will have more than enough time to hang up after waiting 2 seconds for the gevey to do its thing. therefore i see nothing illegal about this in anyway.

    so cody, this question about their legality, its completely legal. why? because you dialed 112, wait for 2 seconds, end call and the connection between you and the operator has never been completed.

  • Wonderful news. I’ve ordered one from eBay instead, as the store suggest in this article won’t ship to Denmark. They will however ship to my neighbouring countries Sweden, Germany, UK, etc. which is quite weird.

  • Bird

    Sound very interesting, I have tried, and it work very smoothly. However, it is very interested that we do not need more time to dial 112.

  • Charly

    I bought The gevey sim from Amazon with 9$, ir works perfectly and has not been a problem for my iPhone 4 , i recommend to buy it, because an unlock solution is very far from coming out

  • Hawk

    is there any way to use any of these gevey products with a dual sim adapter? ie. say i wanna have a US and Canada sim in my iphone?


    • I might be mistaken but I’ve never seen a iPhone using dual sims. Unless you use some sort of add on case and if that’s the case. Then you’ll need TWO gevey sims, one for each sim card.

  • Joseibi

    Would you please provide the link that you bought the Gevey sim cuz there’s a bunch of sellers and I don’t know which one is real. Please help… Thanks a lot!!!!!

  • Aaronieru

    I don’t think it’s illegal to “accidentally” dial 112. If you do get in trouble with the law, just say “sorry, wrong number”, and be on your way!

  • Lisa

    I bought it from from a chinese guy, he’s nick is ebayman or smth like this. Well it arrived sooner than I expected. The only thing is that I have to dial 112 every time I insert the sim in.I bought it for 15€. It has grate signal anyway and it works perfectly. I am talking about the Gevey Supreme. Now applenberry released Gevey Ultra and you do not have to dial 112 no more. Its price is around 35€. Thank you all for your posts. ;))

  • me

    So does anyone know if this ultra sim does a 112 trick itself, or is this different and legal?
    Would be great, i have two iPhones lying around for half a year :).

    Can any1 please give feedback on the Ultra?

  • Ram

    Thanks for the post guys, Can anyone confirm if this works on BB 4.11.08 ?
    I accidentally upgraded to IOS 5 and that upgraded by firmware….Now i am stuck and cannot use my phone…

  • Anonymous

    No 112 iOS 5 Version Rebel Supreme Unlock Sim Card for iPhone 4S

    Support the iOs up to 5.0.1 version without dial 112
    No require the hardware alteration and modification
    Quick unlocking operating with build-in advanced firmware
    Unlocke all the worldwide network
    With the high-end F981 chipset for the decoding with a stable ultra-low voltage
    100% compatible for Apple iPhone 4S

    Video in Youtube:

    Buy here:

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