While Apple’s iPads are currently assembled in the Foxconn factories in China, by September the devices will also be produced in Brazil. The country’s Minister of Science and Technology, Aloízio Mercadante, has revealed that Foxconn’s new plant in the Brazilian city of Jundiai was initially scheduled to begin production of Apple’s tablet in late July, but due to “construction glitches” and a shortage of skilled workers, that date has had to be pushed back.

Foxconn now has 175 engineers set to work in the plant, who have been sent to China for training. However, the company will require over 200 to get things moving. When the factory does open its doors, Brazilians can expect the iPad to be around 40% cheaper for consumers than the model currently imported from China…

Brazil has pricey import tariffs which means the cost of some consumer electronics is sometimes doubled. By manufacturing the device locally, Brazilians can enjoy a significantly cheaper device by the end of the year. One Brazilian official has declared that the new factory will produce as many as six million iPad units and generate four to five thousand new jobs by the time it reaches full capacity — which is expected in three to four years.

In order to encourage its growth, Foxconn is said to be considering a $12 billion investment into the new Brazilian facilities, for which it has sent a list of requirements to officials as part of the negotiations. The list includes requests for financial support from the Brazilian National Development Bank and government help in finding investors.

The move will hopefully mean that for future iPad releases, manufacturing shortages won’t be such a problem, and the waiting list to get our hands on the devices will be significantly shorter.


  • dragon290513

    up to 40% cheaper? thats alot!

  • Ricardo

    hahaha… it is a lot, but even so it would still be cheaper to buy on the states.. can you believe this?! http://store.apple.com/br/browse/home/shop_ipad/family/ipad/select

    we probably have the most expensive mac products ever!
    that’s something that i don’t miss about my homeland…

    • Mick

      Is that US dollars lol ?? I thought the UK was expensive !

      • Mick

        £290 for an 8gb iPod in Brazil lol thats extortion

      • BoardDWorld

        USD is $1630 for the 64gb 3G

  • It is a lot and I agree with Ricardo, it’s gonna be worthy to buy it at the States even with a 40% off. It’s ridiculous how imported stuff are expensive here. But it’s gonna help our economy I’m glad that a huge company like Foxxconn is coming here.

    • Henrique

      Of course @usa it’s cheaper, but we have to think that it isn’t everybody who can travel to US or ask buddies there. So the sales will grow a lot around here and it is going to be accessible for a greater portion of the poppulation with this 40% off. This is a huge step for Brazil’s economy and technology, we have to celebrate!

  • Frék

    The eletronic prices in brazil are a joke!
    The iPhone 4 16GB costs R$1.850 unlocked without a contract. Approximate US$ 1.160.
    The iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB, today, costs R$1.650. Approximate US$1.030

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Brazilian taxes is a Joke! its like spit in customer’s face, even 40% of price reduction it’s not fair, brazilian made products are cheaper in neighbors country than inside Brasil itself.

    But a price reduction is always welcome no matter where you are ( from customer’s side off course)

  • Mauricio

    Hahah we’re jokers …

  • HAAAAAWWWW !!! brazil……..

    • Chris

      Chris: It is very very expensive to purchase an unblocked IPhone in Brazil, but it is not cheap in the US either: $749 (plus taxes) for the IPhone 4 32 GB.