Every so often you’ll stumble across a jailbreak tweak that’s absolutely perfect for use as a practical joke.

OpenOther fits well into this category; it’s great for driving your iPhone owning friends or family up a wall.

That’s of course assuming that your friends or family have jailbroken iPhones, since OpenOther is a tweak available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone’s only.

This sneaky tweak allows you to reroute an app to another app, meaning that when you open one app, it opens another instead.

Check inside for a full video demo of OpenOther in action…

In order to use OpenOther, all you need to do is place your phone in jiggle mode and double tap on the app that you would like to reroute. After choosing your target app, a double tap on another app icon selects its rerouting destination.

So in theory, you could assign someone’s Phone app to open their Settings app instead. It’s sure to drive them crazy when they repeatedly attempt (and fail) to make a phone call.

The result of such a joke is sure to yield hilarity, but at the end of the day, I can’t think of any actual practical uses for this tweak other than for a good laugh.

For you advanced pranksters, OpenOther does features a settings panel that allows you to enter the verbose name of the apps in question, but most of you will want to stick to the aforementioned jiggle mode method of enabling the tweak.

OpenOther is the latest tweak in the TweakWeek series, and should be available for free shortly on Cydia.

What do you think? Can you think of any other valid uses for this one?

  • Sangha

    Well this is good for Bite SMS users cause they can then hide the bite SMS app and divert the messages app to it

    • Sangha

      I tried it using the deb from InfectionFX’s github account. Its working well on 4.3.3 but not on ipad 4.2.1. also please write an article on Homescreen Settings its too bloody awesome.

    • That’s a very good point. Didn’t even think about that. Excellent point.

    • Massie

      Easier just to theme or replace the bite icons. (My first step after every upgrade.)

  • Ranjit

    How about getting an app which no one will want to open … to route to an app that you want to protect like 1Password or even your mail for that matter …

    • Burge

      And why not just use Bitesms app.. no need for a reroute…this is just for a giggle…or porn ….

      • Sangha

        Dude the Bitesms icon is pink and me along with other friends of mine do not like the idea of a pink icon in my dock!!!
        jus saying…………..

      • Metsu

        There’s a patch for changing the pink icon to black.guess the link is somewhere in this blog.im using it and it’s great.

  • Rick

    Not working to well w/ IconRenamer :\ will it still work if find the app name in iFile and put it in through the settings way?

  • XepptizZ

    Not promoting, the article pretty much says it doesn’t seem very usefull at first glans.

    More importantly, the description in cydia says NOTHING about how it works and after reading this Im glad not to have downlLoaded it.

    As for the bitesms, its much better to just use ifile and replace the iconimage with an image of your choice. Its not difficult and doesnt require you to install junk. I don’t like winterboard.

    • Sangha

      I’ve always been replacing the icons. 🙂 I was just stating a use

  • jjk454ss

    I wanted this so I could use the Calendar icon with the “Day” on it to open WeekCal. But I can’t get it to work for some reason.

    • jjk454ss

      Well, I got it straightened out and its working great. I think this will be nice to redirect stock apps to a replacement you use instead, just because a lot of themes have some very nice icons for the stock apps, but not maybe the app store alternatives. And this is a little easier than changing the icon through a winterboard theme.

      • Conspiracy

        Don’t you just hate people who say “I got it straightened out” and not posting the solution?
        I can’ get it to work either.

      • Conspiracy

        Ok, I just needed to enable it in settings.
        Works great for redirecting the stock calendar to weekcalendar.

        Too bad you can only choose 1 application 🙁
        I would also like to use stock messages to BiteSMS.

  • dfgbhfdv

    Blocking apps like Settings or Safari, without restrictions, AND making the person go crazy trying to open them.