When Apple first unveiled iOS 5 earlier this month, Scott Forstall and company mentioned that the new firmware would house over 200 new features. While only a few of them were touched on during the company’s keynote, people have been working non-stop to uncover the hidden additions.

The latest tip to surface comes from the folks over at Apple’N’Apps. The blog noticed a change in iOS 5 that has to do with app downloading. It appears the new firmware will allow users to download multiple apps at a time, even over 3G…

In the past if you tried to download multiple apps, you found yourself watching one app download while the others waited in line. For the most part, this is just fine and dandy. But for those times when you want to download a large app or game, the one-at-a-time routine just doesn’t cut it.

iOS 5 fixes the issue, by allowing users to download mutliple apps simultaneously. That way, if you want to download a large file, you aren’t prohibited from downloading other applications while you wait. This would also come in handy when attempting multiple app updates at a time.

Multi-app downloads work over 3G, but there still seems to be the 20 MB limit. Though this may not seem like a very big enhancement, it’s more evidence that Apple is really paying attention to even the smallest details in the new software.

What do you think? Is multi-app downloads cool, or not really a big deal?

[Cult of Mac]

  • This is great … But I also hope they have added a queue in the App Store as there is in Cydia.
    Frustrating always having to fire up App Store after choosing each app to download. Better to choose all apps needed then just download the entire queue with one tap.

    • Snebe

      There is a tweak in cydia which might help you a little bit.. It’s called stayopened. When you download something from app store, your iphone wont take you to homescreen but it keeps you in the app store 🙂

  • Yeah. StayedOpen is a must jailbreak app, maybe iDB will do a review for it

  • Eduardo

    Big whop

    • Binary-Stalker

      Shut up.

  • Gutentag

    Hmm I find stayopen to be helpful. It allows me to get all my games with ease

  • habib

    My question is, does it still make you return to the springboard to see the icon pop up or do you stay in the app store? Based on the response to miApple, I guess not. So, yeah, StayOpened is the way to go.

    • William

      you stay in the Appstore, much like downloading songs from iTune.app.
      here’s the part I don’t understand Apple, why not just bring the iTune song download experience to AppStore, let Appstore stays open and show the download progress within a Download tab.

  • dc

    I have already seen this happening in iOS 4.0 with updates. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. Usually with medium to small apps.

  • Cameron

    Why has your iPod got the messages app on it?

  • Menzo

    Apparently Cameron has not paid attention to the new Messages iOs 5 feature… 😀

  • Jas

    Mine doesn’t do it anymore! Iphone 5 on wifi. Downloads them one by one!