It’s time to add another entry to the, “why didn’t Apple think about that?” list.

Introducing: Wraparound — a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that allows you to scroll indefinitely on your Home screen.

Normally when you reach your last page of apps, you’re restricted from going any further. With Wraparound installed, this restriction is a thing of the past.

Instead of reaching a dead end on your iPhone’s Home screen, you’ll be rerouted back to the Spotlight page for another go ’round, and you can do so until your fingers get tired of swiping…

It’s an extremely simple tweak, with no settings or app icons to speak of, but it does something that’s indispensable in my mind.

True, you could always tap the Home button to get back to your springboard’s first page, but there’s nothing like maintaining your forward (or backward) momentem when navigating your iPhone.

That’s why I think that despite the somewhat steep asking price of $1.99 on Cydia, many of you who have jailbroken iPhones will consider Wraparound a must-have.

What do you think? Are you digging the ability to have infinite swiping ability on your device, or are you good with how things currently are?

  • Angelo

    Hey Jeff,
    i am really impressed by your currently efforts to make videos for the most of your articles here. I really like to see you presenting nearly every new tweak. Its a big plus for this already great blog. So thanks for the good content.

    • @Angelo

      Thanks for the warm sentiments. We try our best to bring you guys the best coverage, and video is just another avenue of doing so. Stay tuned.

  • Spelz

    Yup. Been waiting for this one. Seems all you have to do these days is make a wish!

  • Eric

    Thanks. I asked for this a long time ago and no one replied to my post lol.

  • kokhean

    Me : Hey, check this out!

    *Starts swiping the Home Screen many times for no apparent reason*

    Others : Um, okay?

  • Spelz

    Another tweak seems to conflict. I’m losing the search bar in Spotlight.

  • don

    its a nice tweak but with nospot it does not work. Can someone fix this please!

  • AppleBits

    Looks great, for sure. But I have been using OverBoard for some time now, and like it a lot.

  • Josh

    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE FREE TWEAKS IN CYDIA?! Everything is now paid, even in Cydia, which kills the whole concept of “jailbreaking”. Cydia, Saurik and developers CAN SUCK IT. Who charges $1.99 for this CRAP?! God I’m starting to hate this. Everything used to be better.

    • Ricardodelsidney

      I am not ready for a Socialist iOS. I think it is bad to give people almost everything for free. They should work and pay for it. If they don’t want to work, let them be poor. I don’t care for this hack, but I am happy they are charging a price.

    • Jake

      You are missing the point. Cydia isn’t there so you can get sh** for free.

    • Rod

      It is not the point to pay for it, the thing is most of the software in Cydia are way expensive, much more than much better software in the App Store…Everything should be no more than .99 cents. A simple tweak for 2 dollars? I get Angry Birds for .99 cents!! Sorry for my bad english

  • Spelz

    Dude, you want free? Move to Cuba. Look what a free education got you – a head full of mush!

    • billy

      Also, the concept of “jailbreaking” was never to offer free things or pirated app from the App Store. It’s people like you (@Josh) that give jailbreaking a bad reputation.
      The “concept” is to do more with your phone— things that Appple doesn’t have or allows into the App Store, and for developing the tools necessary for this, developers deserve to be paid.
      Easy for someone who only downloads things to say “everything should be free,” while developers spend most of their time making these. Shame, man!

      • Pirates Suck

        Thank you very much, Billy. Well said.

  • Spelz

    If I slightly offset the Spotlight page, using Smoothboard, the Spotlight searchbar appears and is perfectly functional. Not only that, if I align the page properly, the searchbar and the keyboard both disappear, leaving only the dock icons and the status bar (and wallpaper of course) — my dream springboard. Like two tweaks in one!

  • very nice, simple tweak.. I too wonder why apple didn’t just have that to begin with. it’s the little things ya know.

  • Mallouk Malek

    it seems i can’t find this new tweek… to u recommend adding any source?

  • appletiser

    now in the days before folders and the like where you had apps spread over bazillions of pages i could understand the point of this tweak, however now all i have at most are two pages so this is a bit late and hardly an innovation for me. sorry.

  • Jason

    tried it out, pretty cool. works with barrel and parallax if anyone uses those.

  • Spotlight search bar is misaligned, for a paid tweak, this is unacceptable, hope fix is imminent. Whilst this particular tweak probably could have been free I agree that jailbreaking is not about being cheap, its about setting your phone free to use great apps I’m happy to pay for like MyWi and Signal, etc..

  • Morgan

    For me it works well, Spotlight search appears correctly. I’m not opposed to compensating the developer for his work on this app.

  • Chris

    This is great. I hope the update it to work with NoSpot eventually. Then it would be amazing.

  • chrisw8094

    This is great. I hope they update it to work with NoSpot eventually.

  • Slappy

    I would have to say 1.99 is a little steeeeep for such a small tweak. But it is a Nice tweak.

  • When will wraparound be ready for use in ios 5.1.1?