Jailbreak developers have been on a roll over the past two weeks, releasing several custom widgets for the new Notification Center in iOS 5. From the looks of things, it doesn’t appear that the community plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Programmer Aaron Wright has recently released not one, but two jailbreak tweaks for Apple’s iOS 5 beta software. Jailbroken folks on iOS 5 are more than welcome to try out the 2 new widgets, which are available for free from the developer’s repo…

The first widget is called BatteryCenter. It displays the familiar charging graphic in real time on the Notifications Center menu. It also shows the percentage of charge left in your iDevice battery, as well as if it’s charging or not.

The 2nd one is entitled MusicCenter. It showcases the track information of the current song you’re listening to along with album art. Wright plans to add a Twitter option and music controls in the coming weeks.

Both widgets are available for free in Cydia, just make sure you add cydia.wrightscs.com to your list of sources. While neither tweak is particularly groundbreaking, it’s nice to see that developers are already feeling cozy in iOS 5. Jailbreak killer my foot.

What do you think? Have you installed either widget yet?

[iPhone Italia]

  • Burge

    I just might have to put iOS 5 back on my 3GS ..with all these new tweaks coming out I think I might forget when iOS 5 does come out , what has been made for it…can you please do a update when ios5 is out about what tweaks are already out for it…

  • James

    I just hope all these tweaks they are releasing for a beta actually work when the final version of ios 5 is released to the public because if they don’t I will be really dissapointed as I refuse to install a buggy beta and mess about downgrading in August and going through the same thing again for beta 2. Fingers crossed by the time the public ios 5 is out, all these tweaks work and most importantly that it’s even jailbreakable !

    • Selcuk


    • Thn

      Well even if it works we still need a method to jailbreak iOS 5 before we do anything.

      • Gato

        Im on ios 5 and im jailbroken.

  • I’m sure all it will take is a small update for each widget, if any.

  • Sangha

    Shit i missed this ……. i just downgraded from the ios5 beta yesterday… Damn it!!!!!

  • Kessler

    Finally, i been waiting the release of MusicCenter since the screen shots were shown earlier this week. I have to say that both widgets are working fine, although they are slightly buggy. For example, the volume slide in MusicCenter isn’t working correctly and the BatteryCenter is saying I have 97% when in reality I have 100%. Aside from that, both are great additions. Keep ’em coming guys!

  • Eric

    When I downloaded it it kept comin up in changes as an upgrade and when I upgraded the two tweakd it would still show up in “Available Upgrades” in changes. Any help?

  • useful