Is it just me, or are a lot of the tweaks as of late starting to focus on the iPhone’s slide to unlock bar?

SlideTime is the latest tweak that takes advantage of the unlock bar’s real estate by replacing the words “slide to unlock” with a clock.

Yep, a clock — in your unlock bar…

Now before you think that there’s no way such a tweak could be useful, hear me out. I can conjour up at least one valid scenario where such a tweak might prove to be indispensable.

Say you’re using a tweak like Lockscreen Clock Hide to remove the huge clock at the top of the lock screen. Maybe you needed that space for a lock screen theme or something of the sort.

SlideTime would be the perfect tweak to effectively relocate your iPhone’s clock to a more practical and inconspicuous location on your iPhone.

Pretty useful, no? Be sure to check out the video walkthrough for a full explanation.

This is the latest TweakWeek tweak by Tyler Nettleton, but it may or may not be available on Cydia by the time you read this article. It should be available in the very near future.

If you’re rolling with a jailbroken iPhone, why not give SlideTime a try and report back with your thoughts?

  • Awesome i’ll use this alot!

  • TPFolair

    zzzz. snoozy tweak.

  • shanta

    i think this is great i will use this a lot

  • How about a live wallpaper for the lock screen? Like a live weather forecast wallpaper thats set for the lockscreen

  • James

    Tbh this isn’t needed, at least not by me. I use springtomize to completely customise my iPhone and that has an option to have clcok instead of the verbeage as Jeff put it lol

  • DomPerignon

    I have TWO big reasons for not using this tweak: 1) I use Lockinfo, 2) My lockscreen has the slide button hidden.

  • Masters

    I like it except it doesn’t keep it self updated. I.e. Actual time 12:37 it’ll say 12:30. Apparently the last time u used Phone.

  • Brad

    Nice effort, but pretty useless to me.

  • Marco Jairo Lanot

    Hey, why mines is not working I already installed it. Nothing happens,. What’s the problem? Can you help me plss

    • Ricardodelsidney

      Consider yourself a lucky man!

  • Ricardodelsidney

    Jeff, The slide clock time does not change when the iPhone’s time changes. It keeps the old time, not cool.

  • ilya

    nice tweak
    hoping to see more of this sort of tweaks

  • Echo6

    I like this tweek!!! There’s lots of room on the lock screen; however, it is not synchronized with the clock.

  • George

    Yeah, it’s buggy. Great tweak, althought.

  • Nguyễn Tân

    The SlideTime doesn’t change. I wish it wasn’t