In last week’s iOS 5 announcement, there seemed to be an emphasis on “cutting the cord.” With new iCloud and Wi-Fi sync services, users will no longer have to depend on tethering their iDevices to their computers for syncs and backups.

From the looks of this Apple patent that surfaced earlier this month, it seems that Apple has been researching methods to do away with the infamous white USB cord completely. The filing is titled, “Wireless power utilization in a local computing environment…”

In other words, wireless charging. The documents explain that the technology utilizes near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power transmission. As long as compatible devices are close enough to the power source, they can receive a wireless charge.

As SlashGear suggests, Apple could be working on an integrated wireless charging system for all of its products. Imagine the wireless power supply embedded in a MacBook Pro or iMac. It could wirelessly charge a number of products, from iPhones and iPads to keyboards and mice.

I don’t know if I need another device transmitting wireless signals around my body, but I like the idea of not having to continuously replace my mouse batteries. I’d love to see this patent make its way into future Apple products.

Would you?

  • Radu

    I seriously don’t think this is physically possible. And even if it was, sitting around an energy field doesn’t sound great for me.

    • Me

      Don’t be stupid, Nicola Tesla discovered and Registered many patents that used electricity in different ways, including wireless electricity, but because he was not from america like Edison he was not popular. Of course is possible wireless power transmission, it was done more than 80 years ago

      • God

        He’s right… Nicola was a brilliant man… But it’s not so much he wasn’t from america he wasn’t popular, it was because at the time it was impractical and extremely hard to get the power necessary to keep things in order…

      • Cameron

        Excuse me! That actually really insulted me! Isac Newton was BRITISH and let on to be one of the most famous and successful scientists in the world!

    • Ow

      Don’t be a tard, I Leart how electricity can be transmitted wirelessly at school at the age of 16 (the easy version of the method)

      • kykerayk

        Have you ever heard of MRI(magnetic renaissance imaging) That is measured in teslas. He is the guy who measured magnetic fields. I would say he is one smart puppy. I just changed to android after 3 1/2 years of jailbreaking and unlocking to stay ahead of the curve. I still maintain my wifes iPhone 4 on tmobile and I switched to the Sensation on tmobile. Seb, I’ve been following you for a long time and thanks for the blog. I’ll still follow and maybe there will be a good solution to the unlocks soon. Thanks!

  • yo

    this idea seems like it might give me cancer lol… but seriously, this is REALLY cool. apple’s just always innovating, aren’t they? πŸ˜‰

  • I bet u canuse it to charge your self too. (that is when u r tired)

    • Anon


    • BoardDWorld

      Actually you’re not too far off from reality. Tesla found that different frequencies had effects on how we feel, both positively & negatively. He also created winds within his lab. The frequency used to wireless transmit power was also optimal for mankind too. After-all we’re all feeding off electricity.

  • Yourmominawetsuit

    Is it me or Duracell already makes this stuff? The pad and iPhone cover u get and just lay the phone on top of the pad and it charges wirelessly… Just add the sync ability and BAMM its Apple’s idea.. Haha

    • DannyGGG

      Duracell doesn’t do this. That’s capacitive charging which, while it is wireless, requires physical contact between the charger and the device. Apple is looking to use inductive charging, which transfers power over the air through magnetic fields. There’s a nice demo of the principle in this TED talk:

  • Eduardo

    They’re gonna call it iCancer.

    • Coach

      Haha that was pretty funny.

  • The advancing tech over at apple is simply amazing… Whats next people? Ipad 6 with a built in nuclear reactor?

    • Braulio

      Maybe πŸ™‚

    • yo

      OR, an anti-matter reactor that harvests anti-mater from the far reaches of the universe, combines it with regular matter, and uses the energy produced to create power πŸ˜‰