iH8sn0w’s popular jailbreak tool for Windows, Sn0wBreeze, has been updated with support for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak on the iPhone 3GS. iOS 5 is still in the Beta 1 stage, and Sn0wBreeze Beta 2 is the first method available for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak on the iPhone 3GS.

Thanks to the old bootrom on the 3GS, users can enjoy a fully untethered iOS 5 Beta 1 jailbreak with the newly released Sn0wBreeze update.

You can download Sn0wBreeze Beta 2.8.2 from our iPhone downloads page.

Sn0wBreeze is only available on Windows. To learn how to jailbreak with Sn0wBreeze, refer to our tutorial.

Sn0wBreeze was updated about a week ago with support for the iOS 5 Beta 1, and RedSn0w was also updated by the Dev Team with support for a tethered iOS 5 jailbreak. Most likely, RedSn0w will be updated soon for Windows and Mac with support for this untethered iPhone 3GS jailbreak now present in Sn0wBreeze.

Let us know how Sn0wBreeze Beta 2 works for your iPhone 3GS on the iOS 5 beta. Remember, untethered support does not yet exist for the iPhone 4.


  • Synergy


  • Will it unlock my iPhone 3GS too ??

    • Juan

      yes, it’ll unlock it just like it’ll also start making your breakfast.

      • Thx but it too too long to download the breakfast.

  • @ Poyser

    yeah it will give u a blow job as well u dummy. know the difference between jb n unlock

    • me

      so is it a jb phone or is a unlock phone that does the blow jobs?

      • LULZ

        Yeh its pretty awesome.

  • Bada

    Can it be hacktivated by sn0wbreeze as well?

    • Jailbreak – Breaking out of Jail just like I did last month.
      Unlock – Opening a door with a key.

  • Nad

    does this allow you to use your ios5 device without a developers license? 🙂

    • Juan

      no. you’d still be pirating the beta build if you’re not in the developer program.

  • Ken

    I just want to know about battery usage, drain fast or not compare to 4.2.1?

  • Burge

    You put old bootrom 3GS ….then at the bottom of post you only say iPhone 4 untethered not supported …what about new bootrom 3GS ? Not a word about that…is it covered or what…

  • No… Now we have to fix another bug? 🙁

  • Hmmm…

  • Yes! 🙂

  • William

    WTF what about ipad2 JB anyone please??!
    Thanx for the JB but I want JB for my ipad2 as my whole friends do
    And please unteather JB is good
    And thanx

  • sikvdila

    great but ultrasn0w not updated yet to unlock iPhone. am I right?

    • Burge

      This is only a beta …it’s not going to get any unlock support

  • P.ì

    iPhone3gs so i can jb my ipod 3g ?

  • Hotzz

    BE PATIENT or Enter the scene and start jailbreaking FOR YOURSELF.

    Jeez be a little grateful towards these hackers

    • blabla

      How would I start? and were?

  • Ives

    @saurik, what does “hmm” & “yes” mean? Impresif?

  • blabla

    On my 3gs with IOS 5.0 beta 1 nothing works. It can’t find any carrier or WIFI. So I had to restore the telefoon. Is it just me or doesn’t work on the 3gs?

    • Burge

      iOS 5 does work…on 3GS fine…

      • blabla

        hmmm.. than it’s me:) can someone help me?

  • Steve-o

    Two questions. Can you use iOS5 with service or does it still show no cell reception. And two can you upgrade with iPad baseband

    • blabla

      I also have this porblem

      • Burge

        If you’ve got the iPad baseband then you could be having problems because of that….iOS 5 was running on my 3GS fine …as I type iam about to go back to iOS 5 just to try the new jailbreak tweaks in notification centre ….I’ll let you know it’d I have problems….but I don’t think I will…

    • FatalError

      It will work, and you will get cell service if you register your UDID on a developers account. The glitch that lets you install without UDID registrations does not activate your service, only registering your UDiD does.

  • Jay

    Guys, What’s the heads up for the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for the IP4.
    Has anyone tried tthis software with the IP4.?

    NEED TO WAIT.!!?

  • Jay

    Hey Juan:
    Why do you have to be such a smarmy Mutha.??
    If your gonna take the time to help , then help.

    Dont forget that some people dont know, so if you do know then just answer yes or no..Not cocky remarks to make yourself look big..


  • Dax

    I have an italian iPhone. Will this Jb work on my iPhone?

  • zduke

    Hello, I had a iphone 3GS with ios4, now I had updated software for ios 5. But I have a problem with sim locked. I have a baseband version 15.06, we just try ultrasnow and then cydia into this phone. And now is phone with phone searching network and now it is finding. Can you help me? my email adress is: zduke@seznam.cz Thank you very much!

  • alejandro

    hey this program works with ipod 4G??