If you own an iPad, you know how hard it can be to type on the keyboard with your thumbs like you do on the iPhone. iOS 5 is about to change that with the introduction of a split keyboard option.

To activate this, simply tap the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the keyboard and it will give you 2 options: undock, which lets you use the keyboard higher or lower on the screen, and split, which let’s you undock and split the keyboard just like it is in the image above…

From there, you can easily adjust the height of the keyboard by sliding it up and down on your screen.

I have to admit that it takes a few minutes to adjust to this new feature, but it’s something that most iPad owners will gladly welcome. It makes typing on the iPad faster and easier.

What do you think of this new feature?

  • I’ve been waiting for this feature since they launched the iPad. Can’t wait.

  • Oh that’s pretty neat, usually when I’m typing on my iPad my case/stand is adequate to elevate and angle my iPad like a keyboard but this is a great solution for the times when there’s no desk or table around!

  • Sean

    No one mentioned that on the iPad you’re also able to search for key words/letters on a page in Safari when you tap on the Search field while you’re on a webpage.

    • You’ve been able to do that since iOS 4.3 I believe. However, the “find” feature shows up on your iPad keyboard now, which is neat.

      • Sean

        Really? Is there an option for it? It never showed up on my 1st Gen iPad so I thought it was new. And oh yea its deffinatley neat, I use it all the time. I’m glad it came up.

      • So apparently it first appeared in with 4.2.

        There is no option to activate. It’s just here. On a web page, tap the “Google” search bar at the top right and start typing. You will get suggestions from Google, but you will also have “on this page” search.

      • Doylebl

        That’s awesome. I didn’t realize that you could do that on the iPhone until now

      • Doylebl

        Search I mean

  • Gssangha

    We can search for words In the page from os 4.2.1 onwards

  • daniel

    Does the split keyboard work in the vertical orientation as well?

    • Yes, you can use this in portrait and landscape mode

  • Cameron

    This is so cheap! Microsoft came up with this for their Tablet PCs on Windows 8! But NO NO Apple HAS to claim it

    • apple fan boy

      Apple is soooo slow to roll out new features. Other operation systems come out with things right away, or at least much faster. Apple will come out with something like the iphone which is awesome. But then they will never change the boring look of it. iOS has the same graphics and desighn as it did when it came out. OSX, itunes. Nearly identical in ten years. Apple is not innovative.

    • Yboy403

      Calm down, there. Microsoft released their video showing the feature only 5 days before Apple *announced* iOS 5, by which point the feature had been in development, along with the OS, for quite a while. I think it more likely that they were developed simultaneously.

  • Funked

    This feature looks awesome 🙂 I hope iOS 5 is good enough for me to keep my iPad 2. It has got turned on literally once in the past few weeks, since i purchased a MacBook Pro lol. I’ll be selling my iPad 2 if iOS 5 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.