Camping is a national pastime here in the states. Every summer, thousands of tourists flock to national parks and other campgrounds to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

For some folks, camping is a getaway from technology, so they’re not looking for a way to charge their iPhone out in the wilderness. But for iDevice users who insist that their gadgets must accompany them into the woods, here’s the Hatsuden-Nabe USB charger

ModMyi came across this interesting accessory that is more than likely the first of its kind. It’s essentially a pan that you can use to cook food in over a campfire.

The bottom of the pan is modified to convert excess heat from the flames into useable energy. The attached USB chord allows you to harness that power to charge your iPhone.

“They say that heat of bonfire could be over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, but energy over 212 Fahrenheit are not used for boiling water and wasted. This pan will convert the waste heat into cellphone charger. I can an charge up iPhone by 3-5 hours.”

In a time of high gas prices and other energy crises, it’s nice to see a company like TES NewEnergy innovating new ways to provide power. At $278 a pop though, I’m probably just going to be sticking with my portable charging pack.

Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t really want my iPhone sitting this close to open flames.

What do you think? Would you buy it?

  • Found website and a PDF for the product:

    I can see it being useful for camping, if you’re the kind of camper who hikes away from their car or something to camp out. Having a charged phone in such a situation, to be able to call for emergency help, is highly useful.

    Price is reasonable for such a use, but the application is admittedly limited.

  • Jeromy

    Doesn’t the cord get exposed to the heat?

  • Jason

    $278???!!! neat idea but gtfoh with that price tag.

  • Brandon

    Who would want to leave a pan on the fire for 3-5 hours? Good idea, but not very practical.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    Make a generator and create your own electricity. It’s not that hard. That’s what I have been doing when I camp out.

  • Ethan

    With that price, I would buy an older iPhone as a spare. A+ for the concept, D- for price.

  • Wikan

    “In a time of high gas prices” Ha! Come over to Europe where the gas is 2,5 X more expensive. Driving a car in the states is dirt cheap so stop complaining.

    • He wasn’t complaining. He was barely mentioning that gas prices are high in the US.

      • Telejeesus

        >>>He was barely mentioning that gas prices are high in the US.
        Compared to what ? Gas prices are cheapest is US.
        In here (Finland) one litter cost 1,579€ (98E).(Cheapest ATM) :-O
        That is (1 US gallon = 3.78541178 L)
        3.78541178 x 1.579€ = 5.977€ = $8.553 /gallon
        In US I found $3.28/ga(Texas) and $3.48(Miami).Also cheapest ATM.
        So ppl in US should drive smile in their lips 🙂

      • Wikan

        Telejeesus> My point exactly, gas prices are not high in the US.

  • Nat

    How much do u pay per gallon in America over in Australia we pay $ 1.45 to 1.60 a Ltr a gallon is around 4 Ltrs or there about? Just interested to know is all

    • Wikan

      Did a comparison with SEK (swedish crowns)

      USA> 6,25 SEK Ltr
      Australia:> 6,50 SEK Ltr
      Sweden> 14 SEK Ltr


  • Jarrod

    Pretty cool and interesting idea.

    Bit over the top for price tho, I’ve been using my powermonkey explorer.
    Solar charges my iPhone and iPad, picked it up for $50 Aussie dollars.

  • Stark

    i wonder how many iphones this thing would burn

  • Why not forget the pan, and just have something you could throw in the fire and use that heat to charge the phone?

  • Cameron