WidgetTask is a new jailbreak widget for the iOS 5 beta that adds a multitasking tray to Notification Center. This widget is from the same people behind UISettings – another third party widget that’s available for iOS 5 beta jailbreakers.

Like SpringPrefs, WidgetTask adds itself to the iOS Notification Center under your already-installed widgets. Instead of having to double tap the home button to access your multitasking tray, WidgetTask will allow you to switch apps with ease from the Notification Center pulldown.

To install WidgetTask, you’ll obviously need to be running a jailbroken developer beta of iOS 5.

Then you can add the following package in Cydia through iFile: http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta/ or http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta2/

The first third party widget simply said “Hello World,” and now we’re starting to see more advanced widgets make their way to iOS 5. (And the software is only in its first beta!)

There’s been no news as to if Apple will allow for third party widget distribution in the App Store, but we’re assuming that will eventually happen. After all, why would Apple introduce something like widgets in Notification Center without giving access for developers to make their own?

Or maybe Apple wants to give jailbreakers some room to “play” in iOS 5… Let the conspiracy theories begin!

[Redmond Pie]

  • Deathstar

    This is not correct. WidgetTask and SpringPrefs are not currently available at http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta/ or http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta2/. IF you go to those sites it just tells you to “Add Me in Cydia” there are no downloads to get and install via iFile. In Cydia if you add the “qwertyoruiop.com” source the Only Widgets listed are UISettings and WeeTwitter, and YES I have my Cydia profile set to “Developer” Not “User” or “Hacker”. It is my understanding this developer is hold back on these Widgets due to Apple’s NDA. If you guys on iDB can make a video on If/How this can be done, it would be appreciated. Thanks

    • dfgbhfdv

      when was the last time you went to changes and pressed refresh?

    • Max

      He is right, the dev. himself said that he is not releasing it until iOS 5 is actually out.

  • Timohty/klouud

    I have been waiting for SBSettings to add this for EVER!! I am loving iOS5!!

  • Finally!!