Judging by the popularity of pasts posts regarding themes, we understand that there’s a very strong theming interest in the jailbreak community.

For that reason, we are proud to unveil our new “Themes” page which will be the permanent hub for all of our theme coverage, video tutorials, walkthroughs, and faqs.

We plan to update our theme page with at least one new walkthrough of a popular theme each week, but likely more.

Interested in seeing what our new Themes page looks like? Step inside for a look around…

What to expect?

The first part of our new theme page contains basic faqs about theming in general. If the word “WinterBoard” makes you go “huh?” then by all means start here.

You’ll then find an explanation of some of the different types of themes available for iOS.

Last but not least, you’ll find dedicated sections for the different theming platforms.

We’ve started off with DreamBoard since that seems to be the platform that folks have the most trouble with, but we will eventually cover WinterBoard basics as well.

You’ll also find handy video tutorials to troubleshoot some of the most common issues occurring within the theming community.

We’ve even included themes that let you make your iPhone look like Windows:

Or BlackBerry:

Or Android…

Or…well, you get the point!

At iDB we’re always looking to provide you with the most anticipated and thorough coverage, and we feel that our new Theme page will fit right in amongst a bevy of other awesome tutorials and guides.

Please give us your feedback on this new page, and by all means let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in particular.

Happy theming!

  • Looks cool, might try it out

  • Hmm they should get dreamboard working on ipad and then bring in honeycomb… Would be epic to try out honecomb on the ipad

  • Andrea

    u bought JailbreakMovies or what ? 😀

    • No one bought anyone. We’re just trying to find common ground on which we can be both happy, create amazing content, and provide our readers/viewers with the best iOS info. Are we on the right track or what?

      • kokhean

        So he is on his personal website AND iDB? Cool!

      • Andrea

        easy , i was just askin O.o

      • Sorry if I came across as being a little harsh. That was definitely not my intention

      • Doing a fantastic job. Kudos to all the iDB team.

      • Thank you, Sir 🙂

      • kokhean


        Odd, it doesn’t sound harsh to me. I’m weird.

      • AMB

        @kokhean, no your not, Andrea’s comment was just just misplaced and totally pointless…

      • Andrea

        sorry abt that guyz, i was just askin 🙁

  • Mws

    What theme is that at the top of the post?

    • Braulio

      I think it’s a dreamboard theme and it’s called ‘Aero’ 🙂 give it a try it’s awesome. Makes people think it’s not an iPhone when you have an otter case lol

    • Jeff

      It’s AppleWeb HD. If you go to the themes page http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/themes/ You’ll find a link to a full video walkthrough of it at the bottom of the page.

  • Braulio

    Or you mean the web theme which is also a dreamboard theme

  • AppleBits

    Grand idea!!! Thanks for doing this. It will def be useful. I love the fancy themes, but frequently confused with customizing. Looking forward to the help!!! 😀

  • Sachz

    Dreamboard is paid app at $2.99

    • Yes, and it was recently updated. The new version is ridiculously better than the previous.

  • And I’m glad you guys are digging the theme coverage, I knew you would. Lots of exciting high definition theme coverage will be rolling out soon, so stay tuned, k?

  • Amazing Sabo Amazing!
    Major congrats & huge thx!

    • Well, you can say congrats to Jeff. He’s the one who came up with the idea. If there is a theme you want to have reviewed, hit us up. We don’t make any guarantee but we’ll try to have a look at it.

  • P.s.
    Can we share/post on?

  • Anon

    I installed DreamBoard on iOS 4.3.3 and the icon doesn’t appear on the homescreen :/

  • Brian

    wow, I didn’t knew there was a DreamStore! I actually just bought DreamBoard thanks to you 🙂