I know what you’re thinking: “we don’t need one more of these flashlight applications.” Even though Cydia and the App Store are flooded with Flashlight apps, I have a very special interest in FlashLock because it was my idea and I worked with developer Filippo Bigarella to bring it to life.

Up until today, my flashlight app of choice was SpringFlash, but it never really did what I wanted. So, I asked one of my favorite tweak devs if he could make my dream flashlight app come true. And he did…

To activate FlashLock, simply double tap the home button from your lockscreen and it will bring up the flashlight icon. Tap this icon and your iPhone 4 camera flash will light up until you tap the icon again. If you are familiar with iOS 5 and the way you can bring up the camera icon from the lockscreen, well, this is the same concept.

I like this app because it’s simple and I find it much more practical than the SpringFlash toggle in SBSettings.

You can get FlashLock for free from Filippo’s repo: http://filippobiga.me/repo. I believe it will also be available on one of the major repos soon.

So, what do you think of FlashLock? What about the name of the app? I came up with it in about 10 seconds, and as you can tell, it’s not very original. But at least it is descriptive.

  • Juan

    sounds useful. but I think the icon should just always be there.

    • A few people on Twitter mentioned that. That might be an option in a future update.

      • German

        It’s more likely to be pressed unintentionally if the button is always there..

      • Juan

        hmm. German has a point of unintentional activiation if always there…

      • Greg

        Is there not a tweak that replicates the camera button I’m iOS 5. That would be better

    • I prefer spring flash. I think it’s simpler just pull down SBsettings and press. This is double tap a hardware button and then press. Just preference I guess.

      I don’t have too many toggles in SBsettings so I keep spring flash in the first 8. And I have my SBsettings activation set to swipe down on the status bar because that always seem more intuitive than sliding right. Plus if your already on your phone when you need the light you would have to lock it first where springflash can be toggled on and off from anywhere

      • QuarterSwede

        I usually need the light when my phone is in my pocket and locked so this makes a lot more sense for me.

      • Me

        For security, I don’t have SBSettings available while locked (and to prevent my phone going into Airplane Mode whilst in my pocket – it’s happened) and I have a 20 character passcode lock. This sounds great for those times when a quick flash of light is required; for instance if something just rolled off the back of my desk. Great tweak!

  • Gian

    I’m predicting this will be one of my most used tweaks, especially now that in my country we started having daily scheldule electricity outage imposed by the government….

  • German

    Good tweak! Works with miltislide too πŸ˜‰

  • German


  • EJ

    What will happen in iOS 5 when the camera is in place?

    • Juan

      the camera icon of iOS5 isn’t in the slider. so i don’t see an issue.

      • QuarterSwede

        FlashLock doesn’t have the icon in the slider either in 0.1-2.

  • Shaz

    amazing tweek. i played around with springtomize to make my slider just the way i like it. love this..

    I for one use the flashlight more than you’d think.

  • John

    you said Flasklock in the last paragraph

  • fixed

    Nice, but the icon needs to be aligned, it doesn’t have nice aesthetics.

  • Marie

    Great concept. Something I would definitely use a lot.

  • Mike


    Any chance you could request a SBSettings toggle for autobrightness ‘on’ and ‘off’.. Could be useful πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah maybe

      • Kevin

        Any chance you could mention my PocketLock idea?! >:0 πŸ˜€

  • QuarterSwede

    It is a little too high but this tweak overall is freaking awesome. Much better than the “works when it wants to” SpringFlash. I’d love to see a camera version of this while we’re waiting for iOS 5.


    Its useful to have a flash light right on the lockscreen. For me I’m using springflash with sbsettings toggle. From my lockscreen, I simply slide across the status bar and tap the springflash icon to turn on the the flash. to turn it off, i repeat the procedure.
    So I guess its a matter of preference, double tap the home button then tap the icon.. or slide across the status bar and tap the icon.

  • DarkReaper

    Why not, “hold home button to activate”, then deactivation with that icon which appears after flash activation! Hah bet you never thought of that! πŸ˜›

  • Braulio

    Can the activation of the icon be changed with activator? I use Springflash but instead of using sbtoggle I used Activator so when I press the sleep button for a short hold the light comes on and to turn it off I just hold the button till it’s off. But otherwise it’s a damn good idea. If Activator can be used to change the activator then I’m totally getting this tweak. Can someone let me know if it’s possible an if so does it mess up multislide? I like that tweak too much to let it go :/

  • XepptizZ

    I’ve set the springflash toggle on lockscreen only with single home buttonpress. Works like a charm so far. And the physical button is hardly ever pressed unintended.

  • DomPerignon

    Nice tweak; I don’t see isn’t anything wrong with it, but I prefer SB Springflash.

  • Larz

    Excellent! Much more sensible and quicker than Springflash, even faster than using voiceactivator to launch a flashlight.

  • kokhean

    Much, much preferred over Activator.

  • Gssangha

    Tried it with slide away and it’s awesome!!
    @Sebastian do you know if any dev is working on iOS 5 like photo editing?? I requested InfectionFX for it but he’ll be busy with tweak week

  • Noisebag

    Γ€ very usefull tweak but ill keep using springflash in combination with activator.
    Just because I prefer to use Γ  hardware button trough activator, in tht way i already didnt neew to go to sb settings to make my flash light illuninate

  • LeMerlot

    FlashLock seems to interfere with MobileDashboard which also uses the double tap home button. Hopefully FlashLock becomes a bit more configurable in the next version.

    • LeMerlot

      Wow, that was quick – new version available ! πŸ˜€

  • Chris12923

    Great idea and thank you!

  • TrueBlueBlooded

    Awesome, thanks!!

  • We updated the post with a video of it in action.

  • Evan

    I use spring flash or whatever and activator to turn it on and off with ‘volume down then up’ system wide. Don’t even have to look at the screen to turn on ur flashlight or shut it off.

    I also use the opposite (up then down) to pop a new bite SMS system wide.

  • Burk

    Doesn’t work if you have “Hide Slider” on in Lockinfo unfortunately. May be obvious to some, but I had hoped the button would show up regardless. Oh well, sticking to SpringFlash. But it’s an excellent tweak Sebastien.

  • Furioso

    iPhone 4 and ios4.2.8: It worked fine until I tried to turn it off. Couldn’t. Everything froze. Took a couple of tries to restart to get back home. Conflict?

  • James

    Good tweak this1, only 1 bad point for me though is the button isn’t the same size as the slide to unlock bar, it sits level with the top of it but slightly higher at the bottom, if it was perfectly uniform with the slider bar it wud be perfect and look like it was actually the way apple intended it !!

  • Chris

    I like the looks of flashlock better when the button appears seperate outside the slider! What happened to that functionality of the tweak??

  • Hoshneer

    Wow! Amazing job on the app!! Thanks guys!!!!!

  • Frankie

    Excellent idea Sebastien… so handy and fast,,, I hate to always type my password to turn the springflash on… this one is soooo much better!!

  • Adira

    I just use SpringFlash. But this works as well I guess