If Apple’s litigation team thinks they have a pretty good case against Samsung for violating trade dress, wait until they get wind of this new iPhone-imitating Android device.

While blatant iPhone rip-offs certainly aren’t anything new, the fact that a major U.S. retail chain like Sears is selling them is kind of surprising. Even though the device touts some big features, iDB has a pool going on just how long this device remains available…

There’s no visible brand name in the Sears.com ad, nor are there currently any reviews of the product. However, the device does sport a 3.5 inch capacitive multi-touch display and dual SIM card slots, so it’s likely to appeal to someone.

Folks who have jailbroken iPhones running apps like iAndroid, in search of the Apple-look-with-an-Android-feel combo might really dig something like this. At $263.99 though, I think I’ll stick with the original.

How long until this device gets pulled? Would you buy something like this?


UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long, did it? Just a few hours after we posted the article, Sears pulled the product. Go figure.

UPDATE 2: It’s been moved to a different page, but it’s still on Sears website.

  • DAS

    You posted this just 10 minutes ago and the product is already “no longer available” at the link you provided. Who won the betting pool? 😀

    • Ok that would give a heartache then! =/

  • Well to be frank, I like Android more then iOS so maybe I go for it 🙂

    but what the hell is Apple upto? Seriously!

  • Braulio

    Haha this is very interesting news I would love to hear more of this iDB team 🙂

  • Sears wasn’t selling that, It was a vendor. Sears allows people to sell stuff throught their site.

  • haha if I had money to throw away I would of bought that-

  • Roberto

    this phone is available in vietnam for 115$. I tested it once and it wasn’t that bad for the price given

  • Eric

    In the past all mobile phones look almost the same. Now people are being sued for copying designs

  • Shaz

    I had a question.. if you did buy this phone could you upload ios software on to drive? or is there no way to wipe the android softwqare and put apple stuff on it?

  • BRS

    Umm, the product is still there. They just changed the link to the page.


  • Lol I guess another update is needed saying they didn’t pull the product because of idbs post lmao!!!! Good detective work brs you should work for idbs fact checking team lol that’s if they have one..

  • Sears, like Amazon, allows third parties to sell through their site.

    You can find the actual seller and product here: http://surprisinggift.com/p13100/Android-2.2-With-Wifi-TV-Capacitive-Touch-Screen-Smart-Phone/product_info.html

  • The manufacturer, CECT, is also well known for making knock offs, although this is the first time I’ve seen them stick Android onto one.

    Example of their old 3GS knock off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3mbLGjTfhU

  • DaTruComedian

    what android version does it run on?