Well, you knew it was coming. After the ultimate list of new features in iOS 5, and realizing that Apple owes the jailbreak community a bit of thanks, it’s time to compare.

What jailbreak tweaks/apps/extensions did Apple “receive inspiration” from in iOS 5? Whether you see these jailbreak apps as influencing Apple or not, it’s pretty clear that Apple has had its eye on the Cydia frontier for quite some time.

So, here you go: A list of the jailbreak tweaks that are duplicated as features in iOS 5…


Push notifications are now presented in a more unobstrusive way, and a new dashboard view allows you to see all of your notifications in one place. You can even change alert styles for incoming notifications and manipulate how notifications interact with your lockscreen.

In the Notification Center HUD itself, Apple was clearly inspired by Android as well. Like Google’s notification pane, users can assign widgets, including several that have already been made by third party developers. The widget functionality sounds a whole lot like Widge, an initiative that Peter Hajas (dev of MobileNotifier) was beginning before he was hired by Apple to work on iOS.

The Notification “pulldown” gesture in iOS 5 is also exactly how SBSettings has worked on the iPhone for years. SBSettings is one of the crown jewels of the jailbreak community, and is available for free in Cydia.

To be fair, Apple has gone a step farther by allowing you to customize notification behavior for individual apps in Notification Center. You can choose how many notifications a certain app can display, etc. This should help maintain the envitable clutter that will exist after a day of push notifications.

Now, on to the rest of our list.

iOS 5 feature, then jailbreak tweak:

We think we’ve got a pretty good list here, but we need your help. What are we missing? Please help in the comments below and we’ll add your submission to the list.

  • kokhean

    We can’t actually say that Apple stole all of the ideas, because many of them ARE open source projects.

    • We never said they stole them.

      • Burge

        Just copied….

      • kokhean

        @Sebestian Not from this article, but general assumptions from other people.

  • Emoji is an app that is available in the App Store since ever, and now its part of iOS 5. It was not inspired from jailbreak.

    • Joeyjojo

      Who said apple stole these cydia app ideas? Apple have clearly noted what people want and implemented them into iOS! Personally I use most of the new features by way of jailbreak anyway, so by jailbreaking and not installing stuff I normally do would keep some speed up in my os. There are other things I use all the time which need a jailbreak, so when a tethered jailbreak is out I’ll install it. Really they should also make a start to improve the spell check system. I’m sick of having to retype a lot of words that I actually spell right and iOS corrects it to something else. Bloody apple!!! Lol.

      • thatmffm

        Dude, get the “Auto Corrector” app, it lets you add words to your phones vocabulary. i used it to make the phone remember peoples names, email addresses, and most importantly the phone never changes the F word to “duck” anymore.

    • Chorx

      The app store itself was just installer.app polished up and re-released with rules.

    • Sangha

      Also Emoji is a type of a keyboard so saying that apple copied it is like saying they also copied the qwerty keyboarf

  • Irha

    To be more accurate, “A list of the jailbreak tweaks that duplicate features in iOS 5” should be “A list of the jailbreak tweaks that are duplicated as features in iOS 5”.

  • Brian

    Is not fair to compare iCloud to iBye, yes, iBye makes backups/restores to/from DropBox or FTPs, even local, but we know that iCloud is way more than only backups. I think you need to specify iCloud’s functionality to cloud backup/restore your data.

    And Enhanced Tabs is nothing like Tabbed Browsing in Safari.

    • I see your points. The article has been amended.

  • Lynda

    I wonder if Mr. Job’s phone is jailbroken!!

    • jagzc

      he would be stupid not to lol

    • Wrangler

      Steve own’s a Samsung 🙂

    • tsiv

      He’s dead now !
      I hope people at Apple start listening more to us users than the irongrip of the Steve.

  • Darius

    Apple sucks… They go through so much to stop us from jailbreaking and look at all these “new” features in iOS 5. Most of them are just complete ripoffs from the jailbreak scene.

  • darquiel

    To me it looks like a combination of features being pulled as user demand from the jailbreak community as well as current apps for ios4 being made obsolete by IOS 5’s evolution.

    That being said – when – when, will we see winterboard like functionality make it into IOS 5.
    As in the following:

    And another question.
    Will we get all of the functionality of SBSettings in IOS5?
    As in hiding stock apps that you never use?

    • Chris

      I agree with you, but iBlank is useless with GridLock available.

      • John

        Gridlock is not compatible with iOS 5

  • Matteo

    also insplee has been added to ios5.
    “cydia is only business for apple..”

  • Excellent list Alex.

  • Roy

    So what are you trying to say after you complete the list ? Apple Rules ?! we know that ! haha

  • Roy

    Spilt keyboard – SplitMail ?! this is totally two different things dude, keyboard and mail ?! get it ? KEYBOARD and MAIL

    • You are correct. That tweak has been removed from the list.

      • DAS

        However, Apple did implement “swipe to reveal inbox in portrait mode” on the iPad making SplitMail by rpetrich obsolete anyway 🙂

  • Myself!

    Just a thought: Imagine what iOS 5 would have been if there wasn’t the jailbreak community. All these features would have been implemented after iOS 50!!! What I am trying to say is that if Apple hadn’t the competition of Cydia Tweaks then she would only make updates of 2 or 3 features and everybody would say then wow!!!

    So we all owe to the jailbreak community because it brpught the future sooner for us instead of the policies of large companies (e.g. Microsoft, Intel, Apple and many more.

  • My Favourite Jailbroken apps list:
    Wi-Fi Sync

  • Aaronieru

    You guys are stretching it with some of the apps on that list. Technically, not being able to use you iPhone while it’s syncing is a “feature”. Simply reversing that behavior is not ripping off Synchronicity. Technically, Free Sync is ripping off Synchronicity.

    Just because Apple is letting users do a couple more things on 3G, doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely unrestricted, so my3G doesn’t belong on the list.

  • AppleBits

    Thanks for the info, Alex. It’s exciting to see what iOS 5 will be bringing. Undoubtedly there will be j/b apps we (jailbreakers) will miss and still want. So my guess is a j/b will always be necessary for us addicts of total awesomeness. lol
    But like a previous poster said, having to install fewer tweaks may make the OS run faster or better.
    Yea…I agree with some that Apple pretty much owes the j/b community a round of applause for giving them the “ideas” of what needs to go into iOS 5 (or should have been in 4, etc…..). But hey…at least they are adding things we like and use and need … to feed the addictions… 😉

  • I admire that they need the functions on the apps listed above, thanks to the jailbreak community. However, Apple never really gave credit anywhere, even though it’s fairly obvious they’ve noticed. It’d be nice to acknowledge the jailbreak community’s existence, at the very least. Not necessarily hail them or say their apps are accepted, but simply to say “we took some inspiration from the jailbreak community. Some of their apps were great enough for us to infuse our own versions into iOS5.”

    It’s just despicable to say they came up with the idea on their own :/

    Eh well, no use in me complaining about it 😛

    • Steven

      Apple hasnt said they came up with ios5’s new features all on their own with no consultaton, research or other means. Yes a lot of it is Jailbreak features, but if they publicly admit where the ideas came from, the JB app dev might sue. In fact, theres a really good question- do Jailbreak app developers have copyright over their creations?

  • Bada

    What selecting multiple contacts when sending a text message like jailbreak tweak GroupSend

  • Gian

    here are a few others I didn’t see you mentionting: MobileNotifier, LockInfo, Manual correct and sbsettings

    • Brian

      Yup, it is there, you just need to read the whole article, starting from the top.

  • Sachz

    I think the good part of upgrading to iOs5 if u don’t have the above tweaks on your iphone is that you will get them free. Most of above stuff is paid apps on cydia.

  • SRUm1sh

    This kinda reinforces my belief that iOS is the most intuitive mobile operating system ever! Android, beat that!

  • Tsiv

    And here’s an article on how iOS5 ripped some Android ideas: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-ios-5-copied-android-2011-6

    • rand0m

      The problem is that those features weren’t originally created by Google. You could go in circles with who created what. What matters is that all OS’s are moving forward at a very rapid pace. I used windows mobile for years and I am amazed where mobile devices are today. The only thing we had was 3rd party devs hacking functions and mediocre applications together.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you need MobileNotifier if it’s already implemented in iOS 5?

  • rand0m

    Apple definitely took some ideas and refined them for OS5. I think WE owe the jailbreak community some thanks for a hand in this. As for Apple vs. the JB community. I think it’s a little overblown. Apple simply cannot let piracy run rampant and exploits continue to exist. Sure they could approve more apps (slowly they are) but in my opinion their policies are a major reason why iOS is so functional yet retains it’s simplicity and intuitiveness. Jailbreaking will exists for those that want a little more. If that’s not enough, there’s always android.

    • tsiv

      I do agree of course, but on the other hand I can’t see why Apple keeps a tight grip on hacking iOS while nobody pays any attention (or sanctions) hacking OS X. I’ve got supreme functionality from a whole bunch of utilities installed on my mac. All kinds of stuff!
      Default Folder
      iStat menus

      There’s nobody at Apple trying to block those apps from tweaking the system, and yes sometimes it crashes cause you got too many of them, but so what? I’ll figure out what’s wrong and have my system run the way I like it! at my own risk, I don’t blame Apple for my decisions regarding my desktop computer, and I expect to be able to do the same with my phone without having to jailbreak the device. Any notion about their grip keeping pirated software from getting in there is fudge. If piracy were a concern they would close OS X up in a similar way.

      For what it’s worth. 😉

  • Why is this a bad thing? I mean yeah, it kinda sucks for the devs, but the entire point of creating these apps was to fill a hole of functionality that Apple left. I’m happy to see Apple filling them.

  • That

    It’s cute you think we won’t still need half of those jailbreak apps. Lockscreen, activator, tonefx, my3g. All will always have more functionality than apple copies

  • The screenshots of the iPad iMessages app have contact pictures integrated into the message display, which you get can on your iPhone now with *ChatPic*. You can also stretch a bit and say that *Browser Changer* is a tweak that lets you have tabbed browsing, since it makes it easier to use tabbed browsers like iCab Mobile, Skyfire, etc. And *WeatherIcon* lets you have a way to quickly view the current weather, kind of like the Notification Center widget. 🙂

  • Me

    Apple’s way of hoping less people jailbreak……. Finally admitting that cydia was more advanced in giving us what we want

  • Pyrofallout

    Add Music Controls Pro to the list. Looks like there is an API now for artist/track/album information on the lock screen (as well as via A2DP Bluetooth) and album art on the lock screen.

  • durden

    Notification center does not even come close to LockInfo in terms of functionality. I was pretty excited about iOS 5 for that reason alone, but it is seriously lacking on the lock screen.

  • Djay999

    Missing in ios5
    Flash enhencer

  • TROLOLOLOL Copy Cats