Last week we broke the news about a teaser Comex had released on the JailbreakMe website, which consisted in a cryptic image suggesting that he might have found a new exploit. At the time, we speculated that it could be related to an iPad 2 jailbreak.

It looks like whatever Comex is working on – and we do believe it’s an iPad 2 jailbreak – is “almost ready”…

iDB reader j0n sent us a tip about a tweet Comex sent a few minutes ago in reply to someone asking about his teaser:

Whyike: @comex the waiting after your teaser remaind me the waiting after @i0n1c trolling “elevat0r”, if you have something, please release it…

Comex: @whyike it’s almost ready.

You might ask yourself why Comex would release a jailbreak when iOS 5 is right around the corner. I see 2 potential reasons why.

First, it might be a jailbreak that is hardware-related, which means iOS 5 would not be able to patch the jailbreak. Second potential reason, and the one I find the more plausible, is that iOS 5 might have patched whatever exploit Comex found, so there is no reason for him to hold it back at this time.

Only time will tell, but it seems that a userland jailbreak for the iPad 2 is right around the corner. Can you say “Sunday is Funday?”

  • KP1877

    I sure hope so. My iPad2 would be so sweet with a Cydia icon 😛

  • What’s the latest from Josh aka p0sixninja? It’s been 3 weeks? Hopefully Sunday is funday one way or another.

  • Pukka

    Can’t wait. Comex always has te best jailbreaks

  • ras

    what about geohot ?

  • Sage

    what about sherif hashim

  • saleh

    i hope its a bootrom exploit or i’ll cry till i dehydrate and die

  • Aaronieru

    It would be even stupider to release a hardware exploit now, with the next-gen iPhone and iPod Touch coming around the corner, so I doubt it is a hardware exploit. Plus, when has Comex ever done a hardware exploit? Never. It would be wise to release a userland jailbreak now, since iOS 5 won’t be here for a long time.

    • Georg W. Bush

      Evan if it is the new iPhone 5’s are already made and all the parts are ordered.

  • c0esx

    I say 2 more weeks 

  • babeh

    better get money cash for buying ipad2 when it released

  • Tbv

    It is probably a PDF exploit. Any bootrom exploit would be best saved until the iPhone 5 is released.

  • Daniel Courtney-Gregerson

    i0n1c is a troll. I bet he didn’t even do anything at all, and he’s just pretending to do jailbreak work.

  • Travis

    Can’t wait. Bring it on. Sad that geohot didn’t cone out with something tho.

  • Alex

    I hope this will work with iOS 5! Will it work?

  • After years of having cydia sitting around on my home page i finally gave it a go… And boy am i glad i did so, its just amazing what the JB community can do… I wonder why people think android is superior to apple

    • Braulio

      Cause they don’t have a brain… 😉

  • ads74

    m quite sure the release would be for ios 5 beta. He tweets me

  • ads74

    Im quite sure the release would be for ios 5 beta. He tweets me…

  • timer12

    just believe

  • comex

    Like i said, it’s almost ready. Stay tuned.