First with the iPhone, and then with the iPod touch and iPad, Apple has delivered hit after hit in the handheld gaming market. But can iDevices continue their domination in the face of new competition, like the Sony Vita?

While no new Apple hardware was unveiled last week, iOS software announcements garnered massive media attention. (And I’m not just talking about WWDC.) iOS software was quite a hit at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as well… 

EA Sports showed off an early version of Fifa 2012 for iOS at their E3 booth last week. While the popular soccer game looked polished as usual, there was one particular feature that seemed to pique everybody’s interest.

The iPad version of Fifa 2012 will allow users to wirelessly connect an iPhone or iPod touch to use as a controller. Though it’s been done in titles like Chopper 2 and Scrabble before, the idea hasn’t really gone mainstream with developers yet.

TouchArcade got a glimpse of the demo in action at E3, and the implementation seems very solid. Controls on the remote iDevice automatically change with offense and defense, and you can even hook up a 2nd iDevice for 2 player action.

I expect we’ll see many more titles like this, using add-on apps to turn secondary iDevices into controllers. Combine this technology with the new iOS 5 AirPlay mirroring feature announced last week (or even an iPad HDMI adapter), and Apple nearly has a full-blown gaming console.

What do you think? Is this where iOS gaming is headed, or is it just a passing trend?


    hmm i would use a ps3 and a analog controller tbh. not my kind of thing but its good for ios gaming!

    • DarkReaper

      Then go for an Android tablet with a USB port and running 3.1 (Honeycomb)! 😉

  • Danny Marks

    Would be solid if they brought out a real controller coupled with hooking the iPad up to the TV then you would have not only the coolest tablet known but a fully portable gaming station!

    • DarkReaper

      Pssst, tablets on Android 3.1, with USB ports can already do that..all of those you mentioned I mean.. 😉

      • DannyMarks

        I’ve never really give Android a thought. Just got offered a new job 5 minutes ago with substantial pay rise so now I’m sure the missus won’t mind me enhancing my tech collection 😉

  • Buck

    I need buttons for Sports video games.

  • anon

    I enjoy touch for many games. I prefer tactile feedback for others. Give us both.

  • Cameron

    ITS CALLED FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin

    This made a lot more sense in the scrabble case, where you wanted to be looking at your tiles.

    As a substitute for an analog stick and buttons it’s just not as good because of the lack of haptic feedback.

  • Mike

    This has amazing potential! and i can already imagine things apple could do with their hardware to accommodate this sort of thing as well as add-ons 3rd party businesses could manufacture to make iDevices better controllers, possibly using the 30-pin dock connector. Say you want real buttons or two analog sliders, maybe both, you buy the add-on and stick it onto your iDevice every time you wanna play a hard core title, like FIFA, and then use the screen for vitals, in this case for a position map, time, score, the whole lot of it while saving precious screen space on your iPad or TV. Apple can pitch in by maybe separating the volume buttons further and having them be accessible to your index fingers while you play making them into makeshift L + R buttons. Alas, one can only dream…