The iPhone’s all-touchscreen design caused Apple to make some steep compromises. The device lacks physical buttons that can be found on the simplest of phones. Though the list is long, it seems like the omission of a physical camera and standard back button sit at the top.

Lucky for us, we have the bright minds of the jailbreak community to make up for iOS’ shortcomings. Apps like Activator and FastSnap easily solve the first dilemma, and the new Cydia tweak, AppSlide, solves the second. Back button anyone?

Chpwn, a well known jailbreak developer, announced a new tweak yesterday. The utility allows you to assign the iPhone’s home button (or other Activator method) as a virtual back button, allowing you to jump back to the previous app you were in.

The functionality of the app is really hard to explain in words, it’s much easier to understand once you’ve seen it in action. Don’t worry, iDB has you covered:

As with most tweaks, there isn’t a homescreen icon. What you can customize, though, is the way AppSlide is engaged. Just pop into the Activator tab in the Settings app, and select any method of your choosing.

AppSlide’s not only available for free in Cydia, curious developers can also grab the source code to the tweak. If you think a virtual back button would help your work flow or you’re just looking for a change of pace, check it out.

Have you tried AppSlide?

  • DAS

    I was gonna ask how this was different from LastApp and then I saw the video. If this works as like a quick reply feature for notifications too, I am sold. used in conjunction with LastApp, this makes multitasking in the iPhone perfect!

    • Pete

      I don’t really see any difference to LastApp (apart from the slide-in effect). Why would you want to combine it with LastApp? Seems to me they do the same thing. (No flame, genuinely asking.)
      I’ve been using LastApp with a “swipe status bar left” gesture (which actually feels like swiping back) for a long time now and it does it all.

      • DAS

        Haha… You are right! I posted the comment right before downloading the tweak. I have since removed it. It actually interferes with LastApp because it would launch the last app over the old one with the slide in animation. AppSlide *was* useful quick replies but it does still close the app you were in so if it’s not multitakijg enabled (like a few apps still) there is no use. I use swipe left for LastApp and swipe right for SBSettings. I’m sticking with that 🙂 I jumped the gun with my comment before…

  • Chico

    Couldn’t make it work. It crashes my phone

  • Activator is amazing, dno why i didnt get it earlier but its plain genius 🙂
    will check appslide out

  • withoutskill

    Crashed my iPhone 4

  • LeMerlot

    Wow. very helpful – this is now one of my favorites!

  • Vinny Gerardi

    works great.. love it!

  • XepptizZ

    It definitly looks better then lastapp and quicker too. But how far can you go back?

  • Yux

    Good idea , works good but my iphone 4 started to get hot after insalling and battery drained so uninstalled it. This bug should be fixed.

  • Yux

    Good idea , works good but my iphone 4 started to get hot after insalling and battery drained so uninstalled it.

  • SweKiwi

    Has the issue of warmth, by any chances, been fixed? Just stumbled upon this.