We reported a couple days ago that Apple might start selling factory unlocked iPhones in the US, just like it has been in many countries for over a year. Obviously, there would be an additional cost to that.

Looking at what the iPhone 4 sells for in Canada, both locked and factory unlocked, I assume that if the iPhone 4 is available, unlocked, in the US tomorrow, it will probably sell for $649 for the 16GB version or $749 for the 32GB…

This being said, how much do you value a permanent unlock, one that could stay on your iPhone no matter what firmware or baseband version you are running?

As a frequent international traveler, there is no doubt in my mind that the hefty price tag would be worth it for me. What about you? Would you pay $649 or $749 for an officially unlocked iPhone? Please take a few second of your time to let us know.

  • Burge

    Factory unlocked iPhones will sell for more , when you upgrade ..

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Not if u can get them as easily…

  • William

    no, don’t care about unlock, never need an unlock.

  • iPhone 4 is way more expensive in other countries so its better for them to be able to get one from us factory unlocked

    • Érico

      you are right. if you want to buy an iphone in brazil, it’s better to import one from usa today. i hope it helps to put the local prices down.

  • abanibi

    If you buy an iphone from the cellular companies they unlock it for free
    yey israel 🙂

    • Érico

      it is ilicit to sell locked phones in brazil. and if you have a locked phone the company is compelled to unlock it for you with no charges (totally free).

  • siman42

    willl these phones work in israel?

  • Sangha

    This is awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!! Im an Indian and we get factory unlocked 32 Gig. phone for 44 to 45 grands in our currency but $749 converts to 33 Gs. only !!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • uppal

      you can now get them for 40000 rs in india at apple store in delhi

  • gallium

    Carriers will factory unlock phones here (Australia) for free. Sometimes a minimum contract of 6 months is required or an additional fee is levied (~$120 I think).

  • mopo

    u dont really realize that this price is its actual cost… cheap device thanks to contracts is just what u wanna see.. what u dont see is that u do pay partial costs of devices included in ur monthly fee… leasing

  • kokhean

    Guess what?

    Are iPhone 4 and iPad micro-SIM cards interchangeable?

    No. An iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone.

    You’re still locked no matter what.

    • babeh

      Nope, definitely interchangeable…

  • kokhean

    LOL just joking.

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    Well, since most basebands have no hopes for a stable, yet-successful unlock, buying one factory-unlocked is worth it, despite the costly tag for no contract

  • 877

    Here in uk I just got my iphone4 unlocked by the phone company for £15, while still under contract. Pretty happy with that.

  • babeh

    Yes, cheaper than here: about 800 usd for 16 GB iphone4?
    see it for yourself

  • Bob

    What I want to know is my 2 year AT&T contract ends in June, so will apple unlock my iPhone 4? For a fee or free.

    • Joseph Cuecio

      Yes, in store or online. Supply IMEI and it will take 1 to 7 days for AT&T to send you an email with instructions to unlock thru iTunes. 9/7/12
      Dr Joepa

  • Yea I bought my iPhone 4 factory unlocked during launch. I live in Canada. Still can’t believe that states don’t offer it yet. Even the carriers here will unlock them for a small fee.

  • Craig lofts

    Here in Australia u can get an iPhone 16gb for $850 & 32 for a $1000.

  • Gutentag

    I think I’ll pass. I can just unlock my phone by typing I’n the passcode.

  • Adira

    Just a ploy to sell more iPhone 4s before they start selling iPhone 5s. My guess is the iPhone 5 is close.

  • Da

    Factory unlocked iPhones are good solution. I have factory unlocked iPhone 3GS and it fits my needs

  • Tbv

    I would pay the price for an unlocked iPhone 5. Not worth paying the price for an unlocked iPhone 4 at this point.

  • Dtc6

    I’m thinking this poll is doomed to be pretty biased. The chances of someone opting for an unlocked phone are probably boosted by 10-15 times simply because they are taking the time to read this blog and, furthermore, then taking time to participate in the poll.

  • Tim Kahn

    Best thing FU iphone no software issues no jailbreak issues no service provider issues i have been using FU iphones for more then 2 years now amazing no problems ever with any jailbreak apps

  • pradeep

    I bought a iPhone 4 from USA in $749. As I did not take a data plan, still the phone is locked, now when apple is selling unlocked phone and I have paid the dull amount, will they unlock my phone

  • mngstr

    Its cheap! Look at my local Apple webbie.


  • It’s Me

    500 of the Queen’s Englsih pounds from Apple here in the UK but tbh I still needed a contract so got it on a 12 month1 for £350 upfront and 25 pound a month so pretty good all in all and i can pay like £20 to unlock before my contract ends or for free when it’s ended.

  • Jay Abbott

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 because I live in the UK. It cost £500 GBP. That’s $820 USD.
    So $649 is well worth it.

  • Will

    I use prepaid card it just costs me $10 per month. And both my living place and working area have wifi. So an unlocked phone is much cheaper than a 2-year contract-one. By the way iphones is almost monopolized buy the three big carriers in the u.s. that’s really unfair to those who just want a phone!