This particular court battle between Nokia and Apple has been a doozy. Nokia originally filed suit against the Cupertino company back in 2010, citing their use of data transmission and certain antenna technologies as patent infringement.

Earlier this year, an ITC judge ruled in favor of Apple, claiming that he saw no evidence of infringement in their products. Just days after the court’s decision, Nokia launched a 2nd lawsuit against the iPhone makers which appears to have been much more successful…

In the 2nd filing, Nokia claimed that Apple was using Nokia innovations to develop key features in their products. They named off everything from data synchronization to call quality, and even the use of Bluetooth accessories as infringing technology.

Well that must have done a number on Apple’s crack litigation team, as the Finnish mobile giant has issued a press release announcing that the 2 companies have reached an agreement. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop:

“We are very pleased to have Apple join the growing number of Nokia licensees. This settlement demonstrates Nokia’s industry-leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market.”

The financial part of the agreement reportedly has Apple making a one time payment, as well as on-going royalties to Nokia for use of their patents. The rest of the contract has been kept confidential.

The settlement is just another stark reminder of how important Intellectual Property (IP) is in the wireless industry. It seems like IP portfolios are like poker chip piles, and he who has the biggest one always wins.

What do you think?


  • I just dont want apple stocks to go down .. !!

  • Goofygreek

    Its all about money. Since apple has taken of, it seems that every company that is suffering is wanting to sue apple to make their money back. I don’t see nokia going after other companies that are probably doing the same thing apple is.

    • Igeek

      I agree

      • iGirl

        Totally agree!

    • Jon Garrett

      and what’s apple’s excuse for its endless array of frivolous lawsuits? like the ones against Samsung? apple says Samsung copies their products but the iphone is just a copy of the F700. the name iphone was copied from Netgear, even the capacitive touchscreen was introduced by LG NOT apple. apple also copied the LG GM730 and several features from Microsoft’s windows mobile.

  • Revvxz

    This way, the iphone will grpw woth nokia tech… Thats good!
    Atleast in my favor..

  • Revvxz

    This way, the iphone will grow with nokia tech… Thats good!
    Atleast in my favor..

  • Diesel

    People still buy and use nokia ??????

    • Darrin

      Nokia might have fallen off here in the states but they are still a power house world wide. And they made tons of advancements in wireless tech so they will be paid forever lol

      • Mripod64

        Really? I havnt seen one in Alaska since I was 10 (I’m 17)

      • Luiz

        ” but they are still a power house world wide” !?!? Sorry but I can’t see where. I live between Europe and Brazil and I don’t see Nokias in either regions. Perhaps in Finland they still use it, I don’t know because I never there.

      • anon

        “Really? I havnt seen one in Alaska since I was 10 (I’m 17)”

        “I havnt seen one in Alaska since”

        “in Alaska”

        Population: About 6 people and 40 000 bears.

        Rest of the World: Billions and Billions and no bears.

    • As someone who travels a lot internationally, I can tell you Nokia is everything but dead. If you go anywhere in Africa or Asia, most people there use Nokias. Why? Simply because they are super cheap and usually pretty reliable.

      So yeah, people still use Nokia. Maybe not in your country, but I can assure you they do in many parts of the world.

      • Érico

        i agree. here in brazil, the poor families are using simple models from nokia. the best nokia phones are “stranded”. all my friends have iphones or motorola/samsung androids.

  • jessy

    it goes to show apple since they are always attacking everyone for copying apple….they getting a taste of their medicine

    • Scott

      Do you have a clue what this is about, Obviously you don’t or you wouldnt have made that stupid remark.

      Let me refresh your memory, Nokia tried to charge Apple more for the use of the patents then other carriers, Apple in turn refused to be railroaded into an agreement that was unfair.

      Thing is Apple really won this if you go do some research, the bottom line is Nokia couldn’t afford all the cost and years in court and the new CEO offered Apple another deal that was more fair And in line with the law.

      This in turn saved Nokia Millions in court cost due to the fact Apple could keep this up for years and years.

      Also Nokia lost 2 patients already and that made Apples case stronger, If Apple would have won the next 2 coming up from the ITC, Nokia could have lost allot more then money.

      Get it now, why do you haters always post on things you have not kept up on…
      Blowing bs jessy

      • Mick

        Apple fan boy that is all

      • Cameron

        jessy is right, so shut up. Apple need to see what it is like for other companys.

      • Nick

        Apple is known for taking other companies ideas and then combining the best of them to make a great product.

        Xerox is a perfect example of this from the 70’s. So shut your fucking mouth Scott.

      • BoardDWorld

        Nick, Apple paid Xerox a great wad of cash (in stock) to let himself (steve) and a couple of his engineers walk through & view much of their PARC premises in 1979.

        This is well after the first Apple I of 1976 so he was already well established as a designer/engineer/manufacturer of computers.

        Call me daft but for what other reason would Steve do this? Only so he can walk away & do nothing? Just a nice million dollar tour? Yeah…

  • This opens the door wide open for Nokia to sue every damn Android manufacturer. You have to be stupid if you don’t believe Apple used it to their benefit. Busy is dirty and it is going to get very dirty from here on out.

    Apple and Nokia have each licensed a good number of each others patents. Apple and Nokia will leave each other alone. Now Apple and Nokia will be both be taking on Motorola, HTC, Samsung.

  • Why my comment not coming up?

  • Nat

    Who cares. One one up for nokia good for apple good for who the hell cares. Whopedy do

  • Nat

    Who cares. one up for nokia good for apple good for who the hell cares. Whopedy do I just care my phone works

  • Nat

    Why the hell does this site on the iPhone at least say error message not sent then sends it anyway wtf hurry up fix it come on chop chop this been going on for months now on my 3GS and my new iPhone 4 lol nah anyone else getting this issue ???

  • Rhi

    I’m in Aus, and we have plenty of people using Nokia here. I was just sad about the idea that Apple wouldn’t be their own company kind of thing, but from the info there, it just means that they’re paying Nokia, not that Nokia will be involved in the design process or anything, so that’s okay then 🙂 Besides, I like my iPhone 4… I don’t think Nokia would have to get very involved in their processes 🙂

  • STK10

    Companies do this sort of thing all of the time. when a company creates something and patents it by law other companies can buy a licence to use the same technology. It has something to do with having a monopoly. Nokias are very good and usually very reliable phones. They are VERY popular around the world. Apple would do the same thing to them if nokia used their patents so really its all fair in patents war.

    • Telejeesus

      And BTW. Nokia is biggest mobile phone manufacturer…(not so much than early 2000 it was over 50%)


    good for nokia, apple is trying not to show samsung the next iphone even after seeing samsungs tech. i think we need to watchout, we dont apple to be the next microsoft do we now. too much power + apple = world domination

  • Moses

    If Nokia has nothing important to present they should just shut up and plan for the future.


      if they present anything new dickheads like you would not be buying it now would you? i had nokia products all my life and everyone that does not want a (smart phone ) buys a nokia. they play a big part in the mobile market. i have a iphone 4 but still you are a apple fanboi that likes to suck on steves coco no?

  • David

    Copy rights need to be history.


      then its ok for me to steal or download a ios game or a movie? right ? if copyrights need to be history everyone would be stealing everything then you will not have something called competitive marketing. there would be a million companies that have the same iphone and ipad and mac as apple. DICKHEAD!

  • north

    Alaska = USA != rest of world

  • european

    I live in Western Europe and i See a lot of Nokia phones out there, I still use a nokia phone and have Apple products, Nokia has now bigger plans for future, so, i don’t understand why you have to be so alienated from the world with Apple in your sightseeing.

  • european

    to the LTSPEIRS,
    Copyrights should be history.
    Should entering Copyleft (and if you don’t know what the hell that is, i recommend you to find out)


      hmm your retarded no? he said nothing about copyleft did he? your just a smartass that is trying to sound smart. why dont you tell people to say what they think. not say (copyrights should be history) where am i to understand that this guy is not another dumb chuck that pops out everywhere…….

  • Antonio

    Everyone pays Nokia royalties for the use of THEIR patent, so why not Apple? oh I forgot I’m in an iPhone blog, bai bai fanbois

  • Jessica

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