3D is one of those technologies that really seems to polarise people. Some people swear by the latest technology and point to the huge success seen at the box office with Avatar and say that it’s finally come of age. Others will say that 3D is just another gimmick thought up by hardware manufacturers to sell TVs now that everyone has bought a HD set.

3D is proving to be the big new thing in mobile devices whether we want it to or not, with various Android tablets and smartphone devices sporting 3D capability. Even Nintendo is in on the action with its 3DS handheld gaming device, but as yet Apple isn’t in the 3D market.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped anyone else from taking Apple’s hardware and shoehorning 3D technology into it…

At the Display Taiwan show, CPT has been showing off what appears to be a 1st generation iPad complete with a retro-fitted 3D screen. Utilizing polarising 3D glasses the bastardised iPad (though you wouldn’t know it – all identifying markings have been covered with tape) is seen displaying static 3D images in a video brought to us by 9to5Mac.

Whether 3D floats your particular boat or not, you do have to admit that this is an interesting piece of engineering by CPT – even if the cynics among us do think it’s a spot of equally cynical marketing.

The real question really has to be whether Apple will be tempted to bring 3D to its next iPad, or maybe even the iPhone 4s/5. More importantly, do we really care?

  • DAS

    “iPad 3D”
    Now that sounds good 😛
    Hopefully with no glasses required like the Nintendo 3DS.
    That is something I would want so badly! That would make the iPad a “complete” device.

  • Pete Leask

    oh yes we do really care!

  • thomasj

    it’s just an image with the left and right view of the image in one –‘

  • Yawn 3d is lame

    • c0esx

      Thank you!!!

  • Forget the ipad 3D im really looking forward to that front facing camera based 3D implementation these guys came up, the images moves along with your head so wherever you are it will seem 3D to you
    pretty cool right

  • 3D no GO

    3D in mobile tech is a waste of time. most people will never use it or get bored after the first month. 3D old news plus it destroy’s your eyes. i would be more happy with a blue ray to ipad connection or even a 1080p screen. anyone else?

  • svnelvn

    It’ll never work
    Our eyes were never meant to see in 3d, it’s too tiring ;P